The Yearling Stakes

Buddies is the proud sponsor of the Yearling Stakes. An annual competition that searches for the best dogs between 12 and 24 months old from across the UK. The Buddies Yearling Stakes qualifiers are held at shows throughout the UK each year where a dog and a bitch qualifier from each of the KC recognised groups will secure a place at the Final.

The groups are: Gundog, Hound, Pastoral, Terrier, Toy, Working and Utility. Any dog or bitch aged under 2 years old at the time of competing can enter the Buddies Yearling Stakes class at one of the above shows. While many of the entry deadlines have passed, there is still chance to enter at the National Gundog show and the British Utility Breeds show.

More information can be found here. Winners from each Yearling Stakes qualifier will go head to head to be crowned Buddies yearling of the Year at a grand final each February. Check out the highlights from last year’s Grand Final here.

Buddies Yearling Stakes 2019 – Hound Association of Scotland

April 17th, 2019

The third of our Yearling Stakes heats was held at The Hounds Association of Scotland Show in Edinburgh on Saturday 13th April. Both dog and bitch classes had some fantastic...

Buddies Yearling Stakes 2019 – National Terrier

April 12th, 2019

The second of our Yearling Stakes heats was held at The National Terrier Show in Stafford on Saturday 6th April. Both dog and bitch classes had fantastic entry levels, with...

Buddies Yearling Stakes 2019 – UK Toy

April 5th, 2019

The first of our Yearling Stakes heats was held at UK Toy Dog in Stafford on Saturday 30th March. Both dog and bitch heats had fantastic entry levels, with all...

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