Buddies Pet Insurance - Cat Behaviour

Cat Behaviour

Cats are complex characters and are often fairly difficult to read. In this blog we take a look at some common cat behaviours and what they mean. Rubbing – You may have noticed your cat rubbing their entire body, or forehead and cheeks against you. Many people would think that this is your cat’s way…

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Buddies Pet Insurance - Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog

We all know that each dog has their own personality and will react differently to certain situations. Each of our office dogs have a different comfort level when it comes to approaching strangers and other dogs. Office dog Elvis in particular is super anxious and has been since he was a pup. While becoming an…

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Buddies Yearling Stakes - Gundog Qualifiers

Gundog Qualifiers

We now have our qualifiers for the Buddies Yearling of the Year from the Gundog group. Qualifiers were held at the National Gundog show in Malvern on Sunday 5th August. Judge Carole Coode selected handsome Hungarian Vizsla, Ch Magnus Fartuna Pitswarren J.W, pet name Magnus. ‘Magnus is such a clown in the ring and he…

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Buddies Pet Insurance - Cat Facts

Cat Facts

As you know, we are a dog friendly office, and the majority of our staff have a pooch. However, this doesn’t mean we don’t love cats. Team member Clare is proud mum to British shorthair Merlin, and we are desperate to have a cat friendly day in the office so he can visit. Whilst researching…

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