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Buddies Pet Insurance - Waggy tales - Monty

Waggy Tales – Monty

In this waggy tale we meet Wes, and his 4-year-old Black Labrador Retriever, Monty.

Wes first noticed something wasn’t quite right when he spotted Monty scratching his head and ears more than usual one afternoon. By that evening, the scratching had increased. It was clear that something was bothering Monty.

‘He has never wanted to come upstairs and sleep on the landing or in our bedroom. Instead, he prefers to sleep downstairs in one of his many beds/cushions. Overnight we heard him pacing to and fro and could hearing him scratching a lot.’ Explains Wes.

After checking Monty’s ears and attempting to clean them, Wes decided the best course of action was to go to the vets.

‘Unfortunately, this all occurred during lockdown, so we had to arrange a video call with the vet prior to attending.’

Following the call, Wes and the Vet arranged an appointment to visit the practice. Monty’s ears were thoroughly cleaned, and he was prescribed ear drops and tablets. Wes given instructions so the process could be repeated at home until the irritation and infection cleared.

‘Having insurance is a must for us as responsible dog owners. Not only to cover Monty, but any third-party incident should it arise. The claims process was really easy, we downloaded the claim form from the Buddies website. We completed our section, then forwarded it to the Vets so that they could complete the technical and costs aspects in detail.’

Monty’ ears are much better now thanks to regular cleaning, medication and ear drops which the Vet prescribed.

‘We are now more observant if he scratches his head or around his ears and generally look to clean them straight away and add drops as necessary.’

‘Monty is a very very friendly Labrador Retriever and definitely thinks he’s part of the family and we are part of his pack.

He loves meeting people and dogs of all ages. He’s always very happy and if a young or elderly person wants to stroke him. He seems to sense that he must be very gentle. He would never harm a fly.

One thing he’s doesn’t do is jump into the back of our car, instead he poses and waits to be lifted in safely. We can’t see him breaking this habit.’

We are glad to hear Monty’s ears are improving daily and want to thank Wes and his family for sharing their story.

Does your dog love paddling as much as Monty? We would love to see your photos. Share them in the comments section over on our Facebook page.

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