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Puppy Toilet Training Tips

The likelihood of your puppy being toilet trained when they join the family is very slim. It’s best to be prepared and understand that accidents will happen.

Often, a puppy will have an accident in the home because they are given too much freedom, too soon, and are unsure of the appropriate place to toilet.

Our top tips to help get your new addition toilet trained as quickly as possible-
  • Your puppy needs to understand that outside is where they go to do their business. Take your puppy for regular trips outside, and be sure to praise them if they toilet. This will reinforce that outside is the correct place to toilet.
  • During the first few days, take them to the same place every time so they can recognise their own scent.
  • Don’t wait for your puppy to signal that they want to go out. Most puppies will not learn to signal their need until they first learn to “hold” in the house. Take them out on a regular schedule.
  • Always take your puppy outside straight after a nap and after each meal to encourage them to do this naturally.
  • Crate the puppy when you can’t supervise them. Puppies are less likely to soil their sleeping area as they see this as their safe space and want to keep it clean
  • Agree a command for going to the toilet and use it repeatedly when your puppy is outside.
  • Never punish your puppy for accidents indoors. They may not understand why they are being told off and could simply become scared of toileting in general.
  • Watch for classic toileting signs when your puppy is indoors, such as lifting the tail, circling around and sniffing the ground.
  • If you find yourself missing your puppy’s requests to go outside, try tying low hanging bells to the door handle. Your puppy will associate the noise with the door opening, and in time, will nudge the bells to let you know they want out.

Looking for more tips? Join the conversations over on our Facebook page. We encourage the Buddies community to share tips and cute puppy photo’s regularly.

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