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Buddies Pet Insurance - Puppy Tips - Socialising

Puppy Socialising Tips

There’s a window of around 16 weeks when a puppy is wired to try new things and get used to its surroundings. This is a great time to get a dog used to a range of experiences so it won’t feel nervous.

Use this time to build a relationship with your puppy and build their confidence. Their trust in you will mean the outside world won’t be as scary when the time comes to explore it.

Our top tips
  • Allow your puppy to find comfort in their new home. A mix of treats and praise when puppy explores a new area, or ventures off alone will help build their independence.
  • What seems like a quiet home to you, can be a loud place for a puppy. Gradually introduce them to sounds around the home such as a kettle boiling, the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner.
  • Bring the outside world in. Until your puppy has had their injections, it’s recommended that you keep them at home. So, you could try playing clips of traffic, sirens and crowds in your home to expose them to new sounds nice and early. Each time you play a clip, gradually increase the volume to help them get used to the new sounds.
  • While your puppy is unable to venture out on walks, get them used to walking on a lead, with short routes around the home or in your garden. This will make it less stressful for them when they are able to venture out and see what wonders the world has to offer.
  • When you’re able to go for a walk, try to explore somewhere new each day. This is a great way to expose your puppy to as many different smells, surfaces and environments as possible.

Looking for more tips? Join the conversations over on our Facebook page. We encourage the Buddies community to share tips and cute puppy photo’s regularly.

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