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Buddies Pet Insurance - Puppy Sleep Training tips

Puppy Sleep Training Tips

Having a new puppy is very much like having a new baby, and as any new parent will tell you, sleep deprivation is an issue! Many new puppy owners, underestimate the difficulties of sleep training. We take a look at some sleep training tips that may help your puppy sleep through the night.

Bedtime Snacks

Ideally, you should look to give your puppy their evening meal and drink around three hours before bed time. Feeding your puppy any later than this may result in them needing to go to the toilet during the night, which makes for an unpleasant wake up call.


The less energy your puppy has before bed time, the more likely they are to go to sleep at bed time. A long walk and plenty of play in the hours leading up to bed time will ensure your puppy is suitably pooped. Puppies love to snooze, but try to prevent them napping in the hours leading up to bedtime, as they will be more likely to wake up in the middle of the night feeling refreshed. Remember to try to relax your puppy the closer bed time gets. A calm puppy is a sleepy puppy.

Toilet Time

Encourage your puppy to use the toilet just before bed. In time your puppy will learn that this is their last chance until the morning and eventually the routine will stick. If you are struggling with your puppy going to the toilet during the night, maybe try them in a crate. Dogs are less likely to soil in the crate as they are confined to the space.

Sleep Space

Your puppy’s sleeping space should be comfortable, warm and cosy. Some dogs prefer enclosed sleeping spaces, so try your puppy in a crate. Many puppies will settle better if they have something in their bed that smells of you, so pop a t-shirt or blanket in their bed. If your puppy struggles to settle at night, try leaving the radio on low. Your Puppy’s bed needs to be a positive space, so never use their bed as a punishment.

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