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Happy & Healthy Hounds

Every dog owner wants their dog to be as happy and Healthy as they can be, but are you aware of the subconscious things you do which fill your dog with happiness?

We look at the little things that make your hound happy and why.


The smell of a dog’s human family can instantly fill them with joy.

Dogs have a heightened sense of smell and it’s reported that they have up to 300 million receptors in their noses. This is huge in comparison to a human’s measly 6 million receptors. Leaving a worn item of clothing with your pup when leaving them for a period of time can help comfort and soothe them.


We are all guilty of talking to dogs in an embarrassingly high-pitched soft baby voice. Well It’s not embarrassing if it works right?

Research shows that happy sounds, like the baby voice, trigger parts of your dogs’ brain which causes instant happiness. Human infants are better able to learn language when we talk to them using higher pitches and at a slower speed. This is known as ‘Infant-directed speech’ (baby-voice). ‘Dog Directed Speech’ reportedly works in the same way.


To us, our dogs are members of our family. To dogs, we are members of their pack.

Not only do dogs rely on us for protection and affection, but they also seek to give their humans this too. Dogs find happiness in providing their pack the love and protection the deserve.

Eye contact

It’s a common misconception that dogs find all eye contact threatening.

Similarly to humans, dogs seek out eye contact from loved ones when needing comforting. If a dog is happy, they will have no issues looking lovingly into the eyes of their human family.

So how can I tell If my dog is truly happy and comfortable with me? Well it most cases, it’s pretty obvious, but if you would like reassurance, there are a range of both physical and behavioural signs you can look out for.

Physical Signs
  • High and waggy tail. This shows your dog is excited and comfortable.
  • Floppy ears. When a dog is happy, their ears will naturally fall and rest against the side of their head.
  • Dogs making a ‘play bow’, with their chest to the ground and rear in the air are showing you they are happy, content and ready to play.
  • Belly Up. A dog laying on their back with their belly in the air, is a happy and content dog who feels safe with their loved ones.
Behavioral Signs
  • Good Appetite. A dog who loves its food is a happy dog. A healthy appetite is a good sign that your dog is not only happy, but physically well. Loss of appetite is an early sign of an unhappy dog.
  • Probably the most obvious of the behavioural signs. You know your dog isn’t feeling themself if they don’t get a little excited when you greet them.
  • Non-destructive. Unhappy dogs can be destructive dogs. If you can leave your dog home alone having full faith your possessions will be safe, the chances are, you have a happy hound.

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