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Buddies Breeder – Jenny Goode

Meet Kent based Buddies breeder, Jenny Goode. We asked Jenny a few questions to find out more about her love and knowledge for her breed of choice.

What is your breed of choice?

‘The Long-coated Chihuahua.’

How long have you been breeding?

‘I have been breeding Long-coated Chihuahua’s for 45 years.’

Why this breed?

‘My main love had always been GSD’s (German Shepherds) and my parents had always had these.  However, my first involvement with Chihuahuas came in 1964, when my mum acquired two Smooth-coat Chihuahuas.  I realised then that Chihuahuas were just big dogs in little dogs’ clothing.  They showed all the intelligence of the GSDs without needing the space. 

My mum gave me her elderly Smooth-coat when I married, and because I didn’t want to leave her alone while I went out to work, I bought a Long-coat as company for her.  One thing led to another and I decided to have a litter, knowing that, because of their small size, any problems with puppies who left me for new homes, could always come back to me and they would always be my babies.  From then on I was smitten. The rest is history.’

Buddies Pet Insurance - Breeder Case Study - Jenny GoodeWhat is the best thing about the breed?

‘One of the best things about the Long-coats is the ease of training them to do most things.  One owner of my little ones, who is now a dear friend, decided to attend obedience and agility classes with her little one and he has won many rosettes, leaving most of the larger breeds that attend in the shade.

Also, they don’t shed hair to the degree that smooth coated dogs do. Although they have long coats, they are very easy care for in the grooming department and are not smelly at all – unless they choose to roll in something lovely and pongy that is.’

What is the worst thing about the breed?

‘People tend to think that the worst thing about the breed is that they are a stupid, snappy, yappy breed – until they actually experience owning one, that is.  They will never make a guard dog to be afraid of either – simply because of their size.  There’s nothing wrong with their guarding and warning instincts.  Indeed, I had a couple who lived on a farm and, after being burgled – (their two large “Guard dogs” had slept through the whole thing) –   they invested in a lovely cuddly Chihuahua who became the one who alerted the other dogs when anything was amiss, day and night.’

Buddies Pet Insurance - Breeder Case Study - Jenny GoodeWhat is the best thing about being a breeder?

‘I thoroughly enjoy breeding my dogs, as I love seeing the puppies being born and I am always very hands on, holding mum’s paw while she strains, cutting the cord and making sure puppy is breathing when I give them to mum.  It is a shared experience throughout, with weighing the pups morning and evening and stepping in to help with feeding if the mum’s milk is a bit slow or not plentiful enough.  All the friends I have these days are people that I originally met via my dogs.  I’m always very proud to show my family off to anyone who is in the slightest bit interested.’

What is the worst part about being a breeder?

‘The worst part of breeding is when, despite requests to keep in contact, new owners fail to do this or even part with one that I have bred without telling me.  It saddens me greatly when I lose track of any puppies that I have parted with.’

How many litters do you have each year?

‘I usually have around three litters per year. However, many of my doggy family have now retired so I will have to see if my couple of younger ones enjoy motherhood.’

If you could have any other breed, what would it be?

‘I am torn about choosing another breed.  My great love of GSDs is still with me, but I wouldn’t be able to take back puppies once fully grown due to their size, I’d have to think very carefully.  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are my other love and I currently have one. She is nearly fifteen and was born with an inherited hip problem which, luckily, I discovered before I bred from her. They do tend to have a lot of health issues and a lot more testing of parents for genetically carried problems would be needed.  However, they are smaller and I would always be able to have them returned to me in case of owners’ problems.  All in all, I think I would choose Cavaliers.’

How long have you been with Buddies?

I have been a Buddies member for around 10 years. When a breeder friend of mine recommended them, I took her advice and contacted them.  Having been impressed with the cover given and the service provided, I’ve used Buddies ever since.

Any achievements you would like to share with us?

‘All the years my husband and I have shared with our very large family of Chihuahuas have given us so much joy with, naturally, with a few heartaches along the way but we wouldn’t have changed a thing.  A life without Chihuahuas is just not imaginable in our book.  They are our well behaved (well, mostly well behaved) children and each one is an individual. I’ve learned so much about the breed over the years, regarding their temperament and overall needs, and enjoy sharing this knowledge with anyone interested in owning (or being owned by) a Chihuahua. Although not being particularly interested in showing, I have always concentrated on breeding for excellent temperaments, health and soundness in all my dogs. A friend of mine once said, and I agree with her, “Feel safe at night, sleep with a Chihuahua”.’

A huge thank you to Jenny for sharing her passion for the breed with us.

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