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Buddies Pet Insurance - Winter Walks

Winter Walkies

Winter Walks. Some dogs love them, some dogs hate them, either way they need to be on the agenda.

We asked the Buddies team for their top tips to ensure winter walks are safe and comfortable for both you and your pooch.

Jenny – Bin Bags – If you are heading out in the car to a walking destination, always take a roll of large bin bags. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to sacrifice my coat and scarf to cover the seats to protect them from soggy muddy paws. Bin bags slip over the seat perfectly and prevent me having to wash towels daily. I can then hose down the dogs when we get home and dry them off with their micro-fibre dog towel.

Colette – Warm Towel – I leave a towel over the radiator by the front door. When we get back from our frosty morning walks, I can wrap Rudi up warm straight away and prevent soggy paw prints throughout the house.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Winter WalksKirsty – Paw protection – Monie has previously suffered with cracked paws due to the cold weather. We use coconut oil on her pads in the morning and evening to help soothe and protect them. You can also buy dog boots to protect their pads, however Monie’s dad isn’t keen on them.

Becks – Coats – Breeds with thin coats, such as my Jorkie Serge need a little extra help to keep warm during walks. Both Serge and Elvis wear padded water proof coats when out walking in winter. Not only do these help to keep them warm, but also stops Elvis’ curly fur getting wet through, and keeps the mud splatter to a minimum. As Serge is so small, he also has a jumper which he wears during play time in the garden.

Zoe – Winter beddingAs Oakley’s bed is on tiled flooring, it can get quite cold for him during the winter months. I pop a carpet off cut under his bed and put an extra blanket inside to help him stay cosy and warm during the night.

Emma – Avoid antifreeze – Antifreeze is super toxic to dogs, and its sweet smell and taste makes it all the more appealing to them. Make sure you keep any bottles or sprays out of reach and mop up any spills.

Gemma – Be visible – There are lots of reflective leads, hi-vis collars and flashing tags on the market for your pooch, but it’s important to ensure you can be seen too. Carrying a torch, or wearing reflective wristbands is a good way to ensure you are visable.

Do you have any addition winter walk tips to add to our list? Join the conversation over on our Facebook page.

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