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Waggy Tales – Teddy

In this waggy tale we meet Teddy, a 17-month-old Black Labrador who got into some bother whilst enjoying a day out on the golf course.

We caught up with Teddy’s family to find out more about his unusual encounter.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Waggy Tales - Teddy‘We bought Teddy as a family dog for my daughter, Fiona, for her 12th birthday, after our golden retriever died in the Summer of 2017.  He came from family friends whose bitch had just had a large litter.  Teddy was the smaller of the litter but very cute and Fiona fell in love with him immediately, as we all did.’ Says mum Rachael.

Teddy didn’t stay small for long, and is rather large, even by Labrador standards.

‘Teddy is a very soft and gentle dog as you’d expect, but with a total obsession with balls, any shape, size or colour.  He is an excellent footballer with great paw skills and plays catch and fetch whenever he can.  Teddy is very active and needs massive amounts of exercise to keep him happy and healthy.’

Buddies Pet Insurance - Waggy Tales - TeddyRachael’s brother is a keen golfer, and often helps with Teddy’s exercise by taking him to the golf course for walks.

‘Just before the Christmas weekend, my brother took Teddy up to the Club for a good old run about, and Teddy came back as happy as could be.  A day later I noticed he couldn’t keep his food down, no sooner had he finished his bowl of food, it came straight back up.’

That night Teddy went on to vomit a golf ball, which was followed by three more the following morning. A worried Rachael quickly loaded Teddy into the car and headed to the vets.

‘The vet X-Rayed him, and to the surprise of us all, he found a further 11 Golf Balls tucked away in his tummy!’

‘The only choice we had was to have him operated on to remove them. Teddy came through the whole experience very well, returning home on Christmas Eve and since then has not returned to the golf course, although my brother thinks he would make a great caddy with some training.

The fact that we had Pet Insurance was a total relief for this unexpected situation and meant that we did not need to worry about the cost of care that Teddy needed at an already expensive time of year (Christmas), and we could focus on getting him home, happy and healthy as quickly as possible.’ Says Rachael.

‘The process to make a claim was really easy, we simply filled in the claims form which took no more than a few minutes and handed that into our vets, who liaised with Buddies on our behalf and the claim was settled really fast.

A big thank you to the team at Buddies and the vets who took quick action to ensure Teddy was home for Christmas.’ Adds Rachael.

The Buddies team couldn’t quite believe their eyes when they received Teddy’s claim. We see the odd claim for ingestion of a golf ball or two, but 15 is certainly a first.

The team were all relieved to hear that Teddy made it home for Christmas with his family, and as for golf…? We think Teddy should stick to rugby.

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