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Waggy Tales - Summer & Judith

Waggy Tales – Summer

In this waggy tale we meet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Summer, and her humans, the Linsley family.

‘Our family have always had dogs and they are a special part of our lives.’

‘We spent a lot of time researching and looking at various breeders in the north of England.  We were so impressed with the reply and consequent discussions we had from a particular experienced, respected and well-known breeder.’ Says Judith.

This breeder had a beautiful 7-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who had a Crufts Certificate. This puppy was such a lovely little soul but really didn’t like the show ring. Whilst chatting with the Linsley family, the breeder mentioned this particular puppy.

‘The next part is obvious, we went to see her and were so taken, we asked if we could purchase her.  Soon we were on our way home with our new puppy and all the necessary paperwork. We welcomed ‘Summer’ firstly as a lovely addition to our family, and secondly as a companion to our then 6-year-old delightful but very lazy Golden Retriever, ‘Maisie’. 

The breeders gave us a ‘One Month Free’ insurance policy with Buddies and spoke positively about their dealings with them. When the ‘One Month Free’ policy ended, we decided to go ahead and take out a full insurance policy for ‘Summer’ through Buddies. 

‘Right from the start, Summer was a delightful puppy who was so loving and friendly. Within a very short time our Retriever Maisie and Summer became the best of friends.’ Explains Judith.

All was well until early 2018. Whilst out walking, Summer suddenly appeared to have trouble moving.

Concerned, the Linsley family rushed Summer to the nearest emergency weekend vet, where she was given painkillers. The vet believed Summer had suffered a strain and suggested she rest for 7 to 10 days before going back for a check-up. 

‘About a month later, Summer seemed to be back to her normal self. This didn’t last long as she started skipping on three legs when walking. She would lift one leg up, and it looked as though she was trying to wave it about in midair.

We regularly visited the vets, who told us that it could be a floating kneecap or trouble with a ligament.

After a lovely holiday in Cornwall with Summer, Maisie and our son’s Golden Retriever, Harvey I knew it was time we looked further into the lameness that was becoming increasingly evident when Summer was out walking.’

Unfortunately, this was delayed, as the eldest family dog, Maisie, passed away unexpectedly.

‘Summer missed Maisie terribly. Luckily Harvey was on hand to befriend Summer.’ Adds Judith.

The Linsley family asked their local Vets to refer them to Wear Valley Referral Centre, where Summer came under the care of Neurologist, Mr Michael Mol.

‘After an initial consultation and a day stay at the Referral Centre, Mr Mol explained that Summer had Syringomyelia and Chiari Malformation (a lifelong disease of the spinal cord) at quite a severe level.  This was an enormous shock to us especially as she was only 2 years old.  We were given time to ask as many questions as we liked. We were also given details of how to give her the best quality of life and how to manage her medication regime. The vets told us to contact them freely if we were worried at any time.’ Adds Judith. 

Summer has now started medication and had a follow-up visit with adjusted medication. Mr Mol is happy that Summer is managing her severe condition well. 

‘From our point of view, it was very sad to find our lovely Cavalier has such a tough journey in front of her, but how much more stressful it would have been if we hadn’t had her insured through Buddies, as they came up with such massive support to help us finance her treatment.’ Says Judith.

Buddies want to thank the Linsley family for taking the time to share Summer’s story. We hope Summer has a long, happy and comfortable life with her loving family.

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