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Waggy tales - Sasha (1)

Waggy Tales – Sarah & Sasha

In this waggy tale, we meet Sarah, and her 7-month-old Shih Tzu, Sasha.

Sasha was just 4 months old when Sarah first noticed something wasn’t quite right.

Waggy tales - Sasha (1)‘Within a week of Sasha joining our family, we became concerned that something could be wrong with her. She would walk and run in circles and seemed to be always bumping into something.’ Says Sarah.

Sarah decided to take her to the vets where, following multiple tests, they carried out a CT scan which showed little Sasha had a cyst on the brain.

The Vets then referred Sasha to see a neurology specialist.

The Neurologist fitted Sasha with a shunt to drain the excess fluid on her brain. This shunt is a tube, which runs from her brain down her back and into her stomach where it drains.

This shunt will remain inside Sasha for the rest of her life, ensuring fluid does not build on the brain.

Sarah was initially told that Sasha would need to stay with the vets for 7 days following her surgery.

‘Sasha was healing well, and the specialist allowed her to come home after just three days. It was so scary to have her home so soon after such a big surgery.

Waggy tales - Sasha (1)After the initial worry settled, we were obviously concerned about the vet bills. Having a Buddies pet insurance policy helped so much, as without it, Sasha may not be here today. Without treatment, the cyst could have grown bigger and affected her entire life.’ Says Sarah.

Due to Sasha’s cyst, her brain was unable to fully develop, which has resulted in some learning difficulties. She will also occasionally circle and bump into things too, but she is no longer in pain.

‘Sasha is doing really well now; she’s getting bigger and stronger by the day. She is a happy and resilient puppy with a very healthy appetite.

She is a little overly inquisitive as she’s doing things now that she should have been doing months back when we first got her. She is so affectionate and loving.’ Adds Sarah.

Despite a scary start to life, Sasha has overcome the odds to become a happy little puppy and a much loved member of Sarah’s family.

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