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Buddies Pet Insurance - Waggy Tales - Molly

Waggy Tales – Molly

In this waggy tale we meet 7-month-old, Tibetan Terrier, Molly.

‘She is an adventurous and lively puppy, full of energy and regularly wears out her 2-year-old brother during play times.’ Says dad Robin.

One morning, Robin noticed that Molly had a limp in her right back leg. He took her to the vet, who gave her anti-inflammatory pills.

‘As it was not getting noticeably better, we took her back to the vets who decided to take an X-ray. Molly was diagnosed with a tibial tuberosity avulsion.’ Explains Robin.

Tibial tuberosity avulsion fracture usually occurs in younger dogs due to the area of the tibia not being fully fused to the rest of the bone. Puppies diagnosed with this type of fracture usually have had some sort of trauma such as falling from a couch or bed and landing with the knee flexed.

Young puppies of any breed can be susceptible to tibial tuberosity avulsion fractures.

‘Following the diagnosis, the vet arranged for surgery to insert pins and wires into the leg. This meant a few weeks crating – not easy for an energetic puppy. With lots of play time, Kongs and amusements we came through it.

As a pet owner, we would have done what was needed to make sure Molly was cared for but having a Buddies insurance policy certainly made things easier financially and far less stressful.

We had to pay for the surgery on the day, so it was very pleasing to receive our first claim from Buddies for the initial X-ray and surgery very soon after with absolutely no hassle and only minor deductions for food and the excess. Similarly, this pattern continued with the follow-on X-ray and removal of the pin and wires.

I am certainly very happy with how quickly and effortlessly our claim was met, and glad that the breeder chose Buddies for Molly’s ‘One Month Free’ pet insurance. With the vet completing the claim forms, the process was very easy and stress free, and the claims met very promptly. I would recommend Buddies to any pet owner based on our experience.’ Adds Robin.

Buddies are please to hear that little Molly is now back to her normal self, playing and running around with her brother as if nothing had ever happened.

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