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Buddies Pet Insurance - Waggy tales - Lexi

Waggy Tales – Lexi

In this waggy tale we meet 7-year-old Lexi.

Lexi is a Chihuahua cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Jack Russell Terrier and lives with dad Sean and 3 other dogs in Cupar, Scotland.

Little Lexi stayed with Sean’s mum for a few days while he was away for the weekend. When Sean returned home, he noticed Lexi was snorting and sniffling like she had a cold and seemed to have lots of discharge from her nose.

‘I decided to take her to the vets, who examined her and took x-rays. The vet initially thought she had a grass seed stuck in her nostril, but this wasn’t the case.’ Says Sean.

The vet gave Lexi a two-week course of antibiotics to see if the symptoms eased, but they stayed the same.

‘Lexi was sent to a referral centre in Edinburgh, who carried out CT scans, biopsies, and additional tests. Obviously with the referral and multiple tests, the costs started to build up, so we decided it was time to claim on the insurance, which took the sting out of it.

As all with all dog owners, we’ll do anything for our pets, but cost is always a worry. Luckily our Buddies insurance policy covered costs.’ Explains Sean.

‘Lexi was diagnosed with pneumonia and the referral vet said she needed no medication. I didn’t think this was right, so I went back to my own vet, who contacted a respiratory specialist and forwarded the diagnosis. The specialist said it wasn’t Pneumonia, but the symptoms were the same, I can’t remember what exactly it was, we were just relieved to have a diagnosis. They put Lexi on a course of steroids for 2 months. We didn’t notice much of a change other than weight gain, which we are in the process of helping her lose. She still snorts, but the discharge has stopped.’ Says Sean.

Despite the snorting, Lexi still enjoys her daily 5-10-mile walks in the hills with her family.

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