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Waggy Tales – Gabby & Poppy

In this waggy tale, we meet Gabby, and her 4-month-old Hungarian Vizsla, Poppy.

Poppy joined Gabby and her family when she was just 8 weeks old. After only 3 days at home with her new family, Poppy became unwell.

‘Poppy spent the entire day being sick, so we called the vet, who advised we bring her in. As she was so tiny, she quickly became dehydrated.’ Explains Gabby.

The Vet put little Poppy on a drip and kept her in overnight for observations.

‘We were all devastated, my children were in tears. The next day the vet called to say she was still being sick. They believed she had a gastric bug but wanted to scan her first to check there wasn’t an obstruction.’ Adds Gabby.

During the scan, the Vet’s discovered a blockage in her intestines. They operated straight away.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Waggy Tales - Poppy & GabbyDue to Poppy’s age and size, there was a risk she wouldn’t come through the operation. She also had a high risk of infection, so it was a very upsetting and worrying time for Gabby and her family.

‘We were so grateful and thankful that our breeder had organised a ‘One Month Free’ Buddies pet insurance policy, which we had then extended for the year.

The operation went well and luckily, Poppy recovered quickly. She came home with pain killers and antibiotics.’ Says Gabby.

As she was so tiny still, the surgical vest the Vet gave her, was actually meant for a cat.

‘Buddies were excellent, and our Vet was able to claim directly. I just had to pay the excess. It really made a very stressful situation a lot easier not having to worry about the huge bill.

Poppy is still mischievous and into everything but, is very happy and feeling revived. She has a huge scar on her belly which grows as she does.’ Adds Gabby.

A huge thank you to Gabby and her family for sharing beautiful Poppy’s story with us. If you would like to know more about the range of policies Buddies offer, visit our website, www.Buddies.co.uk.

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