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Throwback Thursday – Treacle

Meet Treacle, the star of this week’s throwback Thursday.

We caught up with mum Caitlin and asked her some questions to find out more about adorable 9-month-old Cockapoo, Treacle.

Why this breed?

‘We chose to get a Cockapoo, as other family members own Cockapoos and spaniels and they are known to be friendly, loveable dogs. Cockapoos also don’t shed fur, which is a huge bonus of the breed. Her mum was a Cocker Spaniel and her dad a toy poodle, so she’s quite small even though she is fully grown.

The breed itself is also extremely intelligent. At 8 weeks old, having only been with us two days, Treacle had already learnt how to sit on command. However, being extremely intelligent can sometimes be a negative, since Treacle has some naughty habits, such as being able to climb trees and jump over 5ft fences into our neighbours gardens.’

What is Treacle’s favourite food?

‘Like most dogs, Treacle would pretty much eat anything you gave her, but we find cheese is a pretty convincing treat. Treacle does also love licking out the bottom of a porridge pot in the morning, but it gets stuck in her beard and leaves her with a rather bad hairdo.’

Who is Treacle’s favourite human?

‘Just like most Cockapoo’s, Treacle has no favourite person, she loves everybody. Anyone that walks into our house will be showered with love and licks, no matter who they are.’

What is Treacle’s favourite toy?

‘She may not have a favourite person, but she definitely has a favourite toy. Since being a pup, Treacle has always loved her toy dog, which we call her ‘baby’. She knows what you are talking about whenever you mention baby, and she sleeps with baby every night. In the morning, when she wakes up she always makes sure she carries baby into the living room, ready for a day of playing.

Treacle has a whole load of toys though, all of which she loves. One of her other toys is a giant caterpillar which she forced us to buy at the pet shop as she wouldn’t leave it alone.’

What does Treacle love?

‘One of treacle’s favourite past times is gardening. She’s fantastic at digging up every plant in the garden, and also pruning them by biting off all the branches of the trees. Treacle also loves to bring sticks into the house and leaves tiny bits of them lying around as a present for us all.

When she’s not gardening, Treacle also enjoys car rides. If her window is not open, she will hit it with her paw until you open it for her. There is nothing better than feeling the wind in your fur, at least according to Treacle there’s not.’

What does Treacle hate?

‘Even though she loves most things, Treacle does have a distinct dislike for hoovers and hairdryers, but they are loud, so who can blame her.’

If you could have any other breed, what would it be?

‘I don’t think we would want any other breed, as Treacle is perfect for us in so many ways. However, if we had to choose, it would probably be a Jack Russell Terrier, as this was the breed of our dog before Treacle. Our Jack Russell was called Patch and was cheeky and full of character, we unfortunately had to have him put to sleep at a good age of 14.’

Thank you to Caitlin for taking the time to chat with us.

If you would like to know more about Treacle, and follow her on future adventures, you can find her on Instagram – @treaclethepup.

We are always on the look out for handsome hounds and pretty pooches to star in our throwback Thursday blogs. If you would like to get involved, email us at Hello@Buddies.co.uk using #TBT in the subject line.

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