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Buddies Throwback Thursday - Office Dog Serge

Throwback Thursday – Serge

Office dog Serge recently turned 1, and to celebrate we wanted to make him the star of this week’s throwback Thursday. We asked mum, Becks, some questions to find out more about this cheeky little pup.

Name – Serge

Why did you choose this name?

‘Serge’s big brother Elvis obviously has a musical name, and we wanted to stick with the theme. My partner and I are both big Kasabian fans, so decided to name him after band member Sergio Pizzorno.’


‘1 year old’

Buddies Throwback Thursday - Office Dog SergeBreed?

‘Jorkie, which is a Jack Russel cross Yorkshire Terrier, although we think he may have a bit of Lancashire Heeler in him too.’

Why did you choose this breed?

‘We knew we wanted a Terrier, and both loved Jack Russell’s, but were concerned by the heavy shedding. We were particularly drawn to Yorkshire Terriers as they are classed as a non-shedding breed. When we spotted Jorkies during our research, we were sold.’

How old was Serge when she joined your family?

‘He was 8 weeks old and absolutely tiny. He was the size of a small jacket potato’

Where did you get Serge from?

‘Serge comes from a long line of ratters. We got Serge from a farmer in our village who had found himself with an accidental litter’

Favourite food?

‘Anything! Serge considers all objects, edible or not, as food. He particularly likes fish and will happily sit in the garden chewing on a salmon skin.

Favourite human?

Buddies Throwback Thursday - Office Dog Serge‘Serge loves everyone and assumes everyone he meets wants to be his best friend. He loves my partner and I for different reasons. He goes to his dad for play time, and to me for cuddles. The person/dog he loves the most though has to be his big brother Elvis.

Favourite toy?

‘He is ball mad! He loves balls of all shapes and sizes.’


‘Serge has two real loves in life, his brother, and rolling in smelly discoveries. The two don’t work very well together though, as big brother Elvis doesn’t like anything dirty or smelly, including his smelly little brother’


‘Being told no. I never believed people when they said ‘dogs chat back’ until we got Serge. If little Serge doesn’t like what you’re telling him, i.e. ‘get in the bath’, ‘You’re a bad boy’ or ‘stop rolling in poop’, He will shake his head and chat/growl back to you in conversation. His tantrums rival those of a stroppy toddler or teenager.’

Any quirks?

‘Serge spends his weekdays on building sites throughout the Midlands with his dad Matt. In the summer, he trots around the site wearing his hi-vis jacket, visiting the workmen and women, stealing tools and retreating to a cold empty plot for a snooze with his finds. In the winter, he spends his days in the back of a forklift, keeping warm on top of the engine watching the world go by.

Despite being a man’s man and spending his days on a building site, Serge is super affectionate, and loves a smooch. He will lick the mouth of any dog he meets, whether they like it or not.’

If you could have any other breed, what would it be?

We would love a larger breed, like a Pointer, or a Catahoula Leopard Dog. We often check in with local rescue centres for a large, dog friendly addition to our family.’

We are always on the hunt for handsome hounds and pretty pooches to star in our throwback Thursday features. If you would like to take part, email the team at Hello@Buddies.co.uk.

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