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Buddies Pet Insurance - Throwback Thursday - Hunter

Throwback Thursday – Hunter

Meet Hunter, the star of this week’s Throwback Thursday.

6-year-old Fox Red Labrador, Hunter, has been with mum, Stacey since he was just a few weeks old. Stacey initially brought Hunter home as a gift for her husband, but that didn’t quite go to plan.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Throwback Thursday - Hunter‘Hunter was a daddy’s boy when he was a puppy, but that all changed when I fell pregnant with my daughter. Hunter became very protective and would not let any stranger in our house unless I told him it was ok. When I was 8 and half months pregnant, Hunter would take my socks off for me as I couldn’t reach. He would also walk beside me up the stairs each night (we didn’t have a stair rail) so I could lean on him if needed.’ Says Stacey.

Stacey loves Labradors as she thinks they are the best breed for families and have such a fantastic temperament.

‘You can be as lazy as anything and they would lay with you all day (once fully grown) or be out walking or working all day and they’re there beside you ready for more.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Throwback Thursday - HunterHunter is my baby I wouldn’t change a thing about him, he’s a brilliant guard dog for the family. He has a scary bark but wouldn’t hurt a fly. Hunter’s bark has scared our post man half to death before, I think he would be more likely to try to lick him to death.’

Each night, Hunter will curl up on the bed next to Stacey until her husband joins her.

‘As soon as he hears my husband coming up the stairs he gets down. My husband gets into bed and Hunter will always walk round and have a stroke from my husband every single night without fail. And if my husband turns his back on him, he noses him in the back until he strokes him good night. Then he plods back to his own bed.’ Says Stacey.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Throwback Thursday - HunterStacey is a registered Buddies breeder and produces beautiful litters of Labradors.

Hunter has a brilliant pedigree and good health tests, so has had many girlfriends and lots of gorgeous fur babies.

Thank you to Stacey and her family for sharing Hunter’s adorable photos and quirks.

We are always on the look out for handsome hounds and pretty pooches to feature in our throwback Thursday blogs. If you would like to get involved, email the team at Hello@Buddies.co.uk.

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