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Throwback Thursday – Creed

Meet Creed, the star of this week’s throwback Thursday.

Great Dane cross Collie, Creed, may only be 6.5 months old, he has certainly changed a lot since mum Layla brought him home aged 14 weeks.

We asked mum Layla to tell us more about this handsome hound.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Throwback Thursday - Creed‘We had a lurcher named Apollo, who was a Greyhound cross Collie, and unfortunately we lost him at just over a year old due to liver failure. We weren’t looking for another dog but when we saw Creed’s face on the internet, we had to go and see him. He is the image of Apollo… just a lot bigger!’ explains Layla.

‘Creed is a nutter. When we first brought him home, I was having a bath and ducked under the water to wash my hair. Creed then jumped into the bath and on to my face. He was trying to save me as he thought I was drowning!

Now, every time I take a bath, he paws at the water until I reach surface again. Relaxing candle lit bubble baths are a thing of the past.’ Says Layla.

Cheeky Creed also loves to steal socks and bras. He won’t destroy them though. He will simply hide them in a very safe place.

We think Creed is super handsome and loved seeing his photos.

We are always on the hunt for handsome hounds and pretty pooches to feature in our #ThrowbackThursday blog. If you would like to feature, email us at Hello@Buddies.co.uk.

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