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Things It’s OK To Google

No matter how many books you read, or youtube videos you watch, no one is ever fully prepared for the chaos a new puppy can introduce to your home.

Here at Buddies, we want to let you know, its OK! Despite being dog experts, each member of the Buddies team is guilty of having to google ‘Is It normal for my dog to…’.

In this blog, we asked the Buddies team to confess things they googled as a new dog parent.

Is it normal for my dog to eat poop?

‘I genuinely thought I had a gross, disturbed dog. Whenever Elvis would stumble upon a rogue poop during a walk, he would gobble it up before I had the chance to wrestle it from him. I was too embarrassed to ask my dog owning friends, so I googled this multiple times. I was glad to see I wasn’t alone in asking ‘How much poo is too much poo for a dog to eat?’. – Becks.

Is it normal for my dog’s bum to smell fishy?

‘Not sure I want to admit this but when we had our first family dog, we noticed his bum smelled super fishy. We eventually found out he had blocked anal glands. Luckily this is something the vet can help with. Still, not pleasant for any of us.’ – Lorraine

Is it normal for my dog to stare at me… all the time?

‘I have googled this so many times, and I’m still not sure why Rudi does it. Perhaps she’s just super needy.’ – Colette

Is it normal for my dog’s vagina to resemble a penis?

‘When Rudi started to come into season, her bits started to swell. So much so, that I thought she’d been sexed incorrectly. Turns out this is normal, and Rudi is definitely a girl.’ – Colette

Is it normal for my dog to develop white spots on her lips?

‘When Molly came home from a visit at my parents, I noticed a white mark on her lip. I immediately started googling what it could be, worried that she had some sort of infectious disease. It turned out, that Molly had been in my dad’s shed, and managed to get white gloss on her lip. A quick clean and it was off. I did feel very silly.’ -Emma B

The list is endless. There are so many things our pets do, which leave us perplexed. But the one thing we do know, is that regardless of their weird and wonderful ways, we continue to love them unconditionally.

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