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Buddies Pet Insurance - Pet Photography Tips

Pet Photography Tips

Our office dogs seem to have mastered the skill of moving from the most adorable position, just as you point the camera in their direction. In this blog, we look at tips on how to snap the perfect photo of your pooch.

Give the dog a bone – Your model won’t work for free. Make sure you have treats handy to reward your pooch.

Take it easy – If you are rushing and excited to take a photo, the chances are, your dog will sense this and mimic your emotions. Stay calm and approach them slowly.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Pet Photography TipsIt’s all in the eyes – The most expressive part of an animal’s face, is their eyes, so you want to ensure the focus of your image lies there.

Attention seeking – If you want your dog to look at the camera, make sure you have something on hand to hold their attention. A squeaky toy or a tennis ball held above the lens tends to do the trick with our office dogs.

Background – Before taking your photo, declutter the background. A messy backdrop will distract focus from your pup.

Get low – The most endearing and engaging images tend to be those shot from the dog’s eye level, so stretch out, and get on the ground to capture the perfect shot.

LIGHTS, Camera, Action – Lighting is everything, and the best light source is natural… the sun. As well as startling your pet, a camera flash can also be unflattering. Scope out the room for the best naturally lit spots before beginning your photoshoot.

#NoFilter – While we agree that no filter is best, there is no harm in using a few simple edits to enhance your image. Instagram edits such as shadow, contrast and highlights can help make a good picture a great one.

Have any tips that we missed? Or want to share your perfect pet photography snaps? Join the conversation below this post over on our Facebook page.

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