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Buddies Pet Insurance - Office Dog - Peanut

Meet Peanut

In this blog we introduce you to the latest addition to our office dog team, Peanut. 11-year-old Peanut, also known as ‘P’ has been with mum Debbie since he was just 8 weeks old.

We asked Debbie a few questions to find out more about adorable little ‘P’.

What breed is P?

‘Jack Russell Terrier’

Why this breed?

‘We just love this breed. Peanut is our third Jack Russell Terrier. They have so much character.’

Where did you get Peanut from?

‘Peanut was from a local family. The family had both mum and dad as family pets.’

Who is Peanuts favourite human?

‘My 5-year-old grandson, Caleb, is by far Peanut’s favourite human. They are completely inseparable when together.’

What is Peanut’s favourite food?

 ‘P absolutely loves his roast chicken & Yorkshire pudding on a Sunday.’

What is Peanut’s favourite Toy?

‘He is obsessed with balls. Any size or colour.’

The question we were desperate to ask, why does Peanut only have one eye?

‘I accidentally poked it out 8 years ago, (yes really).  I was out in the garden weeding, and every now and again P would run to me and drop his ball to throw. Whilst preparing to throw the ball, P came running at speed, and ran straight into my weeding tools. He has been a happy little one eyed, ball mad, Jack Russell for the last 8 years.’

Little P is a sensitive old soul, so he will be joining us in the office for an hour or so every other week so we can see if office life is for him. Do keep an eye on our social media pages for updates on our newest office dog.

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