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Meet Oakley - Buddies Pet Insurance - Office Dog

Meet Oakley

Meet Oakley, the latest addition to our office dog pack.

We caught up with mum Zoe, who recently joined the Buddies team, to find out more about little Oakley.

Age – 1 year old

Breed – Poochon (Bichon Frise cross Toy Poodle)

Why this breed?

‘I was drawn to the light brown colouring. I also love the curly hair and how small he will stay. He only weighs 4.5kg but his fur makes him look very chubby.’

How old was Oakley when he joined your family?

‘He was 9 weeks hold when we first got him.’

Where did you get Oakley from?

‘We got him from a reputable breeder in Walsall.’

Who is his favourite human?

‘His dad is by far his favourite! (my husband). He listens to everything he says and he is my husband’s own personal shadow.’

What is his favourite Food?

‘He loves chicken and a Sunday dinner.’ (who doesn’t?).

What is his favourite Toy?

‘Oakley and his teddy bear are inseperable – teddy sleeps in Oakley’s bed with him every night. Teddy was bigger than Oakley when he was a puppy.’

What is his favourite activity?

‘Fetch. He would play it all day long if he could. When he’s not playing fetch, he’s sleeping. He loves an afternoon nap.’

Does Oakley have any cheeky habits?

‘Oakley has a habit of coming over to you to give you a cuddle and kiss. When he thinks you’re not expecting it, his head will tilt straight towards to your cup of tea – we can read him like a book. Oakley is rather fond of giving kisses too.’

If you could have any other breed what would it be?

‘I don’t think I would have another breed, I love my Poochon. If I had to choose, it would be a Cockapoo as I just love their curly hair.’

Little Oakley will be added to the office dog rota in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled across our social media pages for updates.

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