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Meet Moose - Buddies Pet Insurance

Meet Moose

When friend of Buddies, Andrew from Legal & General, sent us pics of his new rescue kitten, we knew we had to share the cuteness.

We asked Andrew a few questions to find out more about the new addition.

Name – Moose

Why this name

‘Due to his long legs, and my inability to come up with a better name.’

Age – 19 weeks

Breed – Tabby

Why this breed

‘I didn’t choose the breed specifically; Moose was a rescue I fell in love with.’

How old was Moose when he joined your family?

‘Just 12 weeks old.’

Where did you get Moose from?

‘A friend of mine works for Cats Protection in Coventry and deals with hand-rearing of abandoned kittens. She shared photos of him and his brothers, and this was just as I moved into a new home where I could finally have pets. It felt fated.’

Favourite Food?

‘He’s still on Whiskas kitten food at the moment, though he will devour cooked chicken given half the chance.’

Favourite human?

‘Probably my girlfriend. Whilst he is happy to cuddle with me, this soon transitions to attacking my beard, which he finds hilarious and I find a little painful.’

Favourite toy?

‘Probably plush carrot on a toy fishing rod. Though equally happy with a trailing shoelace, or bit of card.’


‘Sunning himself on the window ledge.’


‘Being left alone.’

Any funny quirks?

‘Moose has generally been very good with other cats, if anything he is a little too brave! But he does have a grievance against the cat pictured on the cat litter bag, and with his own reflection. Seeing him try to swell up to a bigger size to intimidate his own reflection can be hilarious.’

If you could have any other breed, what would it be?

‘Perhaps when I retire, I might get a dog but a cat like Moose is more independent while I work. I would not swap him for the world.’

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