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Buddies Pet Insurance - Office Dog - Bear

Meet Bear

Meet Bear, the latest addition to our part-time office dog team.

We caught up with dad Ollie to find out more about this incredibly gentle giant.

Name – Bear

Why this name?

‘When we got Bear, the previous owners had named him already, but having seen him I’m sure you’ll agree that the names fits. Big cuddly Bear.’

Buddies Pet Insurance - Office Dog - BearAge

‘Bear is just over 4 years old.’

How old was Bear when he joined your family?

‘Bear was just over 3 years old when we got him.’

Breed –

‘Golden Doodle. Part Golden Retriever, part Poodle and part sheep.’

Why this breed?

‘A close friend of ours has a female Golden Doodle who we instantly fell in love with. They have all the good attributes of a Golden Retriever but you don’t have to hoover fur every five minutes.’

Where did you get Bear from?

‘We got Bear from a breeder near Bury St Edmunds where he was used as a stud dog.’

Favourite food?

‘Bear enjoys nothing more than sharing some bacon with us on a Sunday morning. Although the way he eats it I’m not sure he even tastes it.’

Favourite human?

‘Bear can be very shy with new people. I would have to admit that my girlfriend is probably his favourite.’

Favourite toy?

‘Anything monkey related. He likes to show his love by pulling their ears and arms off… well anything he can pull off, he does.’


‘As I’m sure is the case with most Retrievers, Bear loves his food. He also enjoys long walks where he can run and chase birds. He often tries to play ‘chicken’ with swans… Of-course they usually come out on top.  Bear is very loyal to those close to him and enjoys welcoming us as we come through the door.’


‘Bear is a very easy dog to look after and doesn’t really hate anything. He can be a little bit cautious of men sometimes but will very quickly relax. He also doesn’t like loud noises that he is unfamiliar with. His biggest hate is his own reflection, he will spend an evening quite happily barking at his reflection in the glass.’

Any funny habits?

‘Bear enjoys making funny noises. We think that he isn’t sure what type of animal he is, so he tries out all the noises and decides on the one he likes the most.

He likes to sing when we leave him, and he thinks we can’t hear him. He will also walk up to you and moan if you aren’t stroking him in the right place, the noise can be best described as a teenager not getting his own way. 

His best impression, without any shadow of a doubt, is his cow impression, this is reserved for special occasions. He likes to ‘moo’ if there is a door that is closed in the way of where he would like to be. Perhaps the best time was very early on when Bear came into our lives and we were watching TV. We paused the programme multiple times to try and work out what this noise was, on the fourth time we opened the door and there he was ‘mooing’ away.

Bear has stolen the hearts of the Buddies team and we look forward to his next visit to the office.

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