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Here at Buddies, we know the importance of teaching kids to be ‘dog smart’.

Many of our office dogs share their home with young children, so we asked some of the Buddies team, to share their top tips for children and canine encounters.

  • Do not approach a dog when eating. They may become defensive of their food.
  • Do not approach or disrupt a sleeping dog as they may startle easily.
  • Never approach a dog without permission. Children should ask permission from their responsible adult, and then the dog’s owner before approaching.
  • Do not run towards a dog. If you have been given permission to approach, ensure you move slowly towards the dog.
  • Do not invade a dog’s personal space. When approaching the dog, stop before reaching them, and allow them to come to you.
  • Let the dog sniff you before you touch them. Hold out your hand and let them approach and sniff you before petting them.
  • When petting a dog, avoid reaching over their head to pet.
  • If the dog attempts to back away, stop petting.
  • Never tug on a dog’s ears, tail or limbs.
  • Never put your face close to a dog’s face.
  • Avoid hugging dogs as this can make some dogs feel uncomfortable and trapped.
  • Always approach a dog calmly, trying not to make any loud noises.
  • Avoid running away from a dog, their instinct may be to chase. Walk away slowly.
  • If a lone dog approaches you and you can’t see their human, do not run or pet the dog. Instead be still and calm until you can inform an adult.

We hope these tips help. If you have any other useful tips, we would love you to join the conversation and share them over on our Facebook page.

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