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Over recent years, there has been a growing trend in having man’s (and woman’s) best friend, play a vital role in their owners wedding ceremony.

Newly engaged Buddies team member, Becks, is mum to office dogs Elvis and Serge, and she couldn’t imagine not having them there for her big day. Becks and Matt are due to wed next year, and they have done their research before deciding to include Elvis and Serge in their Wedding. We asked Becks to share her top tips.

Check with your venue. You need to be sure your chosen venue allows dogs at the premises.

Have a training refresh. Practice basic training like recall, sit and wait to ensure your dogs are on the ball, even with distractions.

Decide on a role. It’s important that you decide on a role for your dog based on their personality. Weddings can be quite intimidating for dogs, with lots of potentially new faces. Elvis can be a little shy around new people, so he will be Grandma’s date, keeping her company during the ceremony. Serge, on the other hand, is such a people person and loves being the centre of attention, so he will be escorting our flower girl down the aisle.

Create a schedule. It’s important to have an idea, or written break down of the day’s timings. This way you can ensure someone is able to take your dogs for regular toilet breaks, walks and rest breaks. Designate someone for dinner duties too.

Buddies Pet Insurance - Woofs and Weddings BlogDesignate a handler or two. It’s likely that you will have little time to fuss your fur baby during your wedding day, so ensure they have a few friendly faces who can fuss, walk and keep them distracted during the day. Also, if your dogs aren’t spending the evening with you, be sure to book your dog sitter well in advance so that you know they will be available to have your dogs for the night.

Get to the groomers. You and your partner want to look your best on your wedding day, and your pooches do too. Be sure to book in with your regular groomer a day or so before the big day.

Incorporate them in your theme. There are so many weird and wonderful ways to include your dogs, from having their faces printed on favours, to tables named after them. Elvis and Serge will be rocking matching bow ties with the groomsmen.

Create a safe haven. We will be taking a large play pen for the boys, complete with beds, blankets and toys. This way, should it all get a little too much for them, they can retreat to a quiet corner of the venue for some rest.

Inform your photographer. Give your photographer the heads up that your fur-babies will be present at the wedding. They may have some cool ideas for images including your pups.

A big thank you to the team at Overgrown Acres for sharing their dog friendly wedding photos.

Have you been to a wedding with dogs? We would love to hear your tips and see your pics. Join the conversation over on our Facebook page.

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