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Driving Home for Christmas

There are lucky pet owners out there that don’t have to hit the road this Christmas, however some of the Buddies team travel the length of the UK to visit their families during the festive period, and obviously their fur-babies go with them.

We asked the Buddies team for their top travel tips ahead of their festive journeys.

  • Breaks – Know your route. Planning ahead will enable you to include regular breaks to allow your dogs to stretch their little legs and take a comfort break. Also prevents them from taking a piddle in the car which I’m sure wouldn’t be appreciated.
  • Buddies Pet Insurance - Driving Home For Christmas - Blog GraphicWater – Owners will often be tempted to turn up the heating during winter car journeys but be aware that your dog may feel the heat a little more than you. Be sure to have water on hand for regular refreshment breaks to keep your dog’s temperature regulated.
  • Safety – While some dogs travel well in a carrier or crate, this can make some dogs a little anxious. Office dog Serge will happily travel in his crate in the boot, packed out with snuggly blankets and a couple of his favourite toys. Office dog Elvis prefers to travel on the back seat where he can see out of the windows. Becks purchased him an advanced dog harness, which is designed by RAC and is available from co.uk.
  • Comfort – Try to make the journey as comfortable as possible for your pooch. If they are wearing a harness, ensure they have enough freedom to be able to lay down and stand at ease. The harness should prevent them from moving around the vehicle, whilst still allowing them small range of movements for comfort.

Hopefully these top tips come in handy during your festive travels!

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