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Doggy Daycare

For those of you who can’t take your dog to work, making arrangements to ensure your dog is not left alone for too long can be stressful and costly.

With the popularity of dog walkers growing, it’s now easier to ensure your dog gets the attention it deserves whilst you work. But what if your dog isn’t a fan of walking, or can’t bear the thought of being alone for more than an hour or so?

Dog Days in Glasgow offer the perfect solution… Doggy Daycare!

Dog Days’ safe, secure, indoor and outdoor play spaces offer the perfect place to leave your pooch. The centre is manned by trained, dog loving staff, so you know your dog is in safe hands. For peace of mind, you can even watch your dog on the HD webcams live from 7.30am till closing at 6.30pm.

The centre has visitors of all ages, sizes and breeds, so your dog is sure to find a few new friends.

We caught up with owner and founder, Robin Chalmers, to find out more about Dog Days and what a typical day entails for a doggy daycare employee.

Dog Days Glasgow - Buddies Pet InsuranceHow did Dog Days begin?

‘I grew up with all types of animals including German Shepherds. I am the person who stops owners in the street, rain, wind or snow to coo over their dogs…. I just can’t help myself, I adore dogs.

After committing to my beautiful puppy Flo whilst working in the corporate world, I realised my calling. Working up to 12 hours per day and juggling an energetic puppy was proving very difficult. This was when I had a brain wave “wouldn’t it be wonderful if Flo could spend her days playing with like minded pups and she could be leading a true dog’s life”. Following this I spoke with friends, family and colleagues and could not believe how many people faced this same predicament.

With this in mind I embarked on my journey to open my own doggy day-care. The site for the day care would be crucial, close to the city but had to have outside space. I sought the help of Safe Paws and underwent their training course, where they taught me everything there is to know in what’s required at doggy day care. This included managing large dogs, pack dynamics and dog training in packs. Most importantly I was able to spend an extensive amount of time working with their dogs and gaining hands on experience which has been invaluable. I have also studied animal psychology helping me ensure my pack is always content and happy having fun in our daycare centre.

After this amazing journey I opened my very own doggy day care. Flo has brought me so much joy that I hope Dog Days can help others in my situation experience the same happiness my puppy has brought me.’

What does a typical working day entail for you?

‘We open our doors at 7.30am to a pack of wagging tails who are ready to begin their day in daycare.

We structure our daycare to ensure the dogs have consistency throughout their day and are constantly stimulated.

After some play time, a splash in the paddling pools and a little training it’s nap time between 12pm and 2pm. All our dogs snuggle down for a snooze, lights out and classical music on.

Our afternoons entail more play time, some desensitisation which includes introducing things such as bikes, skateboards and hi-vis. This helps dogs become accustomed to things that may be triggers for them when out with daycare or out with their family. Between 4pm and 6.30pm our dogs start heading home for dinner and a well-deserved sleep.’

What is the best thing about the job?

‘The best bit about the job is definitely being lucky enough to hang out with man’s best friends all day.’

What is the worst thing about the job?

‘All the poop.’

Any tips for getting into the job?

‘Doggy daycare is still quite a new industry, so I would recommend getting as much work experience or volunteer experience as possible. Most reputable daycares will have a structured in-house training programme which will teach you the ropes, but all the extra experience you can get will help make you a more desirable candidate.’

The Dog Days team will be at ‘The Dog Lover Show’ which is held at Glasgow’s SEC on 7th & 8th September 2019. This will be the second year of the show following a huge success in 2018. The event celebrates everything dog. This is the first consumer show of its kind in Scotland. You can find more info at www.thedoglovershow.co.uk.

Do you work with dogs? We would love to hear from you. Email the team at Hello@Buddies.co.uk.

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