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Buddies walking do and dont tips

Dog Walking Rules

For all dog parents, dog walking is on the daily ‘to do’ list. But, are we all aware of common dog walking etiquette? In this blog we have a refresh on the do’s and don’ts when out walking your dog.

The Do’s

Do pick up poop – The only thing worse than treading in dog poop, is your dog treading in dog poop. Pick it up.

Do let them sniff – dogs explore the world with their nose. Whilst it may be annoying if your dog stops to sniff every pillar, post and bush, be patient.

Do train your dog how to walk – It’s important that your dog walks to heel when needed, especially in urban areas. Dogs of any size can become a trip hazard in busy areas. Training them to walk well on a lead will help keep your dog, and others safe.

Do train recall – Being able to recall your dog when needed is super important. This will keep them safe whilst out walking.

Do walk on a lead – Unless your dog has a 100% recall record, they should be walked on a lead. If you want to let your dog run free, there are plenty of enclosed fields throughout the country that offer public access.

Do know your route – Knowing your route will help prepare you for eventualities.

Do be seen – If walking at night, reflective coats, collars and leads are a great way to ensure you are seen by motorists.

Do enjoy!

The Don’ts

Don’t poop in gardens – It’s just bad etiquette. For some, their lawn is their pride and joy, and the thought of Spike or Fido having a nice long pee mid walk on their luscious green lawn is quite upsetting. To avoid this, don’t let your dog stray into gardens whilst walking.

Don’t assume other dogs want to meet yours – Always ask before letting your dog approach others. There may be a reason another dog is on a short lead.

Don’t trespass – If walking out in the countryside, always know your route and ensure the fields and tracks you visit are open to the public.

Don’t lose control – You should always have full control of your dog. If your dog has poor recall, don’t let them off the lead. If your dog can’t walk to heel when needed, don’t use retractable leads.

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