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Crazy Canine Sleeping Positions

How humans sleep can reveal a lot about their personalities, relationships with others and even health issues, and it’s the same for our four-legged friends. The position in which our dogs nod off can be rather insightful. On average, a dog sleeps for 12-13 hours per day, with puppies snoozing for a few additional hours on top of this.

In this blog, we look at what some of the most common sleeping positions can mean, and which of the positions our office dogs choose.

‘The Side Sleeper’ – This position is usually reserved for a quick nap. It’s fairly uncommon to see dogs sleep in this position for long periods of time. Dogs that choose to nap in this position tend to be calm and comfortable with their surroundings.

Always one to be different, this is how office dog Rudi sleeps during the night. She will sleep with her back legs in her bed and her top half hanging out of the bed.

‘The Superhero’ – This position sees your pup laid flat out on their tummy with legs out. A super popular position in puppies as it enables them to jump up quickly should something spark their interest.

Puppy sleep‘The Sprawler’ – This position sees your pup laid on their back with head to one side and all four legs sprawled out and in the air. This position is common in dogs who are very comfortable in their space. This position exposes a dog’s stomach and vital organs, by nodding off in this position, they are showing they are content and OK with the vulnerability.

When at home, this is office dog Elvis’ snoozing position of choice. He will often climb on to your lap, or the bed, and position himself on his back giving you a gentle nudge to encourage you to rub his belly.

‘The Seal Pup’ – This position sees your dog laid on their tummy with legs tucked under and backward. This is possibly the least relaxing position for a pup, as muscles are too tense to allow your dog to drift into a deep sleep and REM.

‘The Knot’ – This position sees your dog curled up tightly with legs tucked in. This position is most common amongst wild and street dogs as it protects all vital organs and enables them to contain heat. If you find your dog in this position, it could be that they are feeling a little cold or slightly apprehensive about something. It’s common for your dog to sleep in this position when in a new environment.

This position is a firm favourite for office dogs Milo and Monnie. They love to curl up into a tight ball. We think this is because they love to be toasty and warm.

How does your dog sleep? We would love to see your photo’s.

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