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Buddies Pet Insurance - Yearling Stakes

Buddies Yearling Stakes – BUBA

The last of our Yearling Stakes heats was held at the British Utility Breeds Association show at Staffordshire County Showground on Saturday 7th December 2019.

Both dog and bitch classes had some fantastic entries, with judging from Frances Krall.

In this blog, we take a look at those who placed in the BUBA heats.

Securing their place at the final from the dog class was Mr Hollies and Miss Carr’s, Chow Chow, Ch Janqbu Valentino JW, pet name Tino.

19-month-old Tino is quite the character.

‘Tino loves to run around our large table with a squeaky toy in this mouth playing catch me if you can. He also does the similar game round the grape vine, when you want him to come in at night.

Tino has had a successful show career to date, winning his Junior Warrant title under 12 months of age and being one of the ten dogs pick to go through to the final of the Junior Warrant competition to be held at Crufts 2020. He was made in to a Champion at 15 months and also took Chow Chow of the Year 2019. Tino also took Best in Show at Ashfield, Nottinghamshire Canine Society Open show 2019, Group 2 Puppy in Show at BUBA 2018, plus many Best Puppy in Show and Best in Shows and numerous stakes classes.’ Says Peter Hollies.

Joining Tino at the final is 23-month-old Llhasa Apso, Ch Khinjan Bellisima, pet name Belle.

‘Belle is the sweetest most affectionate companion; she loves playing with tennis balls and squeaky toys.

She has made a fabulous start to her show career starting with being Top Puppy Bitch in 2019 just pipped by her brother for the Top award. She has won 8CC’s,, 7RCs, 3 BOB’s, many best puppy in breeds, 3 Best in shows at club open shows and Best in show at club Ch show. She also took Best in show at general open show, best puppy at the WDS Specialty in Amsterdam with a PG3 and she is currently Top Lhasa bitch 2019.’ Says owner Sarah Hattrell.

Taking second place in the dog class was Mrs Madelie Lewis’, Lhasa Apso, Deelayne Jaywalker.

Taking second place in the bitch class was Miss Sutherlands, Shar Pei, Ch Witchgait Just One Slice JW.

Third in the dog class was won by Tibetan Terrier, Araki Brass Barabass.

17-month-old Lhasa Apso, Askja Diamonz’ N Doozies, pet name Chispa, took third in the bitch class.

‘She’s the most loving dog I’ve ever had. Loves cuddles, loves everyone. She’s a bit of a clown, and very, very cheeky! Loves going for walks, swimming in the lake/beach in the summer, and she’s not afraid of getting messy. She’s also great at training, has KC Gold Good Citizen and does Agility, Rally, Hooppers and lots of fun stuff that she enjoys thoroughly.

She took BPIS Eurodogshow 2018, 1 RCC, KC Gold Good Citizen.’ Says owner Ruth Revillas.

Vanessa Bryant took RES in the dog class, with 18-month-old, French Bulldog, Kingfriend Mr Godwin, pet name Godwin. Godwin is owned by Darren Friend, but lives with and is shown by Vanessa.

‘He has just turned 18 months and has had a very successful first year showing , achieving his Junior Warrant , a reserve CC and currently top Junior Male French Bulldog after many champ show wins in the summer.

He is the sweetest character but terribly stubborn just like a cheeky Teenager. He loves cuddles in bed and is partial to a Yak Bar.’ Says Vanessa.

Kerrie McGreevy took RES in the bitch class, with her Miniature Poodle, Ch Minamai Rewrite The Stars, pet name Ella.

‘19-month-old Ella loves everybody. She is very lively, full of fun and just loves showing and being center of attention. She does Like to steal things though like socks, shoes and the post.

She won her 1st CC at 12 months old and was a champion by the time she was 17 months old . She has gained her junior warrant and her bronze good citizen award.’ Says owner Kerrie.

Frances Krall awarded VHC in the dog class to 20-month-old, Lhasa Apso, Shenedene Gossip Joker for Calasca, pet name JJ.

‘If you sneeze, he jumps from the floor and suckers to your face. He has many achievements including BPIS and many BOB’s first placings.’ Says owner Lynne Malthouse

VHC in the bitch class went to Miss Saich’s German Spitz Mittel, Lindcoly Love Affair, pet name Serena.

‘Serena will be 2 years old in February ( I don’t know where the time has gone). She is a bit of a Diva and likes to be up high and above all my other hooligans, so she is forever on top of table, chair or the back of sofa.’ Says owner Alison Saich.

Thank you to all who entered.

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