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Buddies Breeders - sue Francis

Buddies Breeders – Sue Francis

We recently caught up with Buddies Breeder, Sue Francis.

Sue, who is based in Northamptonshire, has 3 breeds. Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier and Biewer Terrier.

We asked Sue a few questions to find out more about her and her main breed, the Yorkshire Terrier.

How long have you been breeding Yorkshire Terriers?

‘I have been breeding these for a long time, however I only started breeding at show level around 9 years ago.’

Why is this your breed of choice?

‘I had my first pet Yorkshire Terrier in around 1980. I fell in love with the breed and have had them ever since.

What is the worst thing about the breed?

‘Although they are a lovely breed, if you want a show dog you need to put a lot of work into keeping the coat in good condition. Yorkshire Terriers require basic grooming every 2-3 days. Those showing require daily grooming and wrapping/crackering.’

‘Wrapping and Crackering’ is something Yorkshire Terriers and other long coated showing breeds have done in order to protect their coat. Once oiled, the coat is sectioned and wrapped in either tissue paper, rice paper or something similar. Show dogs may often spend each day with their coat wrapped so they are able to run and play without damaging their coat.

What is the best thing about being a breeder?

‘I like showing and there is a lot of satisfaction breeding a dog to show standard. The only problem with shows, is that they are located all over the country, which can mean a lot of travelling for the owner and the dogs. 

What is the worst thing about being a breeder?

‘The worst thing about being a breeder is the stress and anxiety during the days approaching their due date. It’s nerve-wracking. You must be prepared for every eventuality during the birth, and ensure you have a vet on hand should there be any issues. The nerves don’t stop when the puppies arrive. The first few days/weeks of their lives are crucial.’

How many litters do you have each year?

‘I only have one or two litters a year, 3 at the most.’

Tell us about your achievements

‘My Biewer is a Terrier which originated in Germany. Two Yorkshire Terriers were mated with the piebald gene and this was produced by breeders Mr and Mrs Biewer. They are not recognised in the UK at the moment, so they can be shown abroad but not here.

Although he is now retired, one of my biggest achievements was my boy Byron qualifying for life at Crufts (automatic qualification each year).

My plan moving forward will be to get my new Chihuahua boy to shows. He is a tiny blue and tan and will be my stud boy too.’

A huge thank you to Sue for taking the time to chat to us and share her passion for Yorkshire Terrier.

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