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Buddies Breeders – Stephen & Patsy Hollings

We recently caught up with Buddies breeders, Stephen and Patsy Hollings, who are based in West Yorkshire. We asked them a few questions to find out more about their love and knowledge of their breed of choice.

What is your breed of choice?


How long have you been breeding for?

‘We started showing dogs in 1972 and bred our first litter, which were English Setters, back in 1974. We had JW, CC and Show Champion English Setters. We started breeding Weimaraner in 1976, so it’s been just over 43 years now.’

Why this breed?

‘We started looking at Gundog breeds and decided on a shorthaired breed, as our English Setters needed regular trimming and coat care. From the shortlist, I was happy with any of the breeds, but not the grey Weimaraner’s with yellow eyes. My husband Stephen had final say though, and his choice was the grey, yellow eyed Weimaraner, so that’s what we ended up with.

Weimaraners are German. They are strong, stoic, determined, don’t suffer fools and tell it like it is. If they didn’t come from Germany, they would come from Yorkshire- the perfect choice for us!’

Buddies Breeder - Patsy HollingsWhat is the best thing about the breed?

‘They do everything to the best of their ability, they are loyal, and with built respect, they work well with you.’

What is the worst thing about the breed?

‘As mentioned, they do everything to the best of their ability, and if they don’t have respect for their owner, this includes being naughty to the best of their ability! They can be really good at that.’

What is the best thing about being a breeder?

‘Producing dogs that folk can enjoy (following thorough education) for the dog’s whole life. Having a young couple starting out, taking home their new puppy and multiple years later, coming back, with a half-grown family, for their next companion is lovely.’

What is the worst thing about being a breeder?

‘We put in all the effort to breed dogs whose idiosyncrasies can be explained. We breed for health and to take a breed forward, so it’s difficult to see the media promote cross bred, ’designer’ dogs, which are purely bred for money, with no understanding of what health or breed traits will be passed on.’

How many litters do you have each year?

‘We tend to have around 4 each year.’

If you could have any other breed, what would it be?

‘We have also had Norfolk Terriers for many years, but if we had to pick another breed, possibly a Lowchen.’

Any other achievements you would like to share?

‘We are the top breeders of Weimaraners in the UK. We have bred over 95 UK champions, more for other owners, many for their first show dog. We have been ‘Top Breeders all breeds’ in the UK over 16 times. Stephen and I have also written 3 books on the breed and judged many breeds all over the world.’

A huge thank you to Stephen and Patsy for taking the time to talk to us, and for sharing images of their beautiful Weimaraners. For more information on Stephen and Patsy’s Weimaraners, visit their website, www.gunaltweimaraners.co.uk.

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