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Buddies Breeders – Meg Purnell-Carpenter

We recently caught up with Buddies breeder, Meg Purnell-Carpenter. We asked Meg, who is based near Bristol, a few questions to find out more about her knowledge and love for the Beauceron breed.

How long have you been breeding for?

‘I have been breeding dogs for 50 years. I started with German Shepherd Dogs. In this breed my achievements were breeding a Police National Champion, Prison National Champion, Working Trials Champion and a dog who received the UK Police award for the best Police dog job of the year. I have also bred many beloved family pets. I started breeding Akita’s in 1983 and I have bred Champions both here and abroad.

I first met the Beauceron when two of the breed came into our quarantine kennels in 1993, and I have been breeding them since 1995.’

Why this breed?

‘There is something very natural and rustic about the breed, I call them my ‘easy breed’ as they learn so quickly and easily. They are also so very loving.

What is the best thing about the breed?

‘For me, it would be their versatility, loyalty, ability to be trained and easy to care for coats.’

Worst thing about the breed?

‘I cannot think of a single thing which could label them as bad, let alone the worst thing about the breed.’

Buddies Breeder - Meg Purnell-CarpenterWhat is the best thing about being a breeder?

‘The best thing about being a breeder is rearing and weaning the puppies, trying to improve the breed in every way and meeting the wonderful people who become owners of my puppies. So many owners regularly update me with their dog’s progress. Some even sending me photographs every year on the dog’s birthday. These people make it all worthwhile and are by far the best thing about being a breeder.’

What is the worst thing about being a breeder?

‘When a dog that I have bred is having to change homes. Even if the new owner has signed my contract to say the dog must be returned to me if they have to part with it. They send it into rescue and the rescue centre will not let me have the dog back.’

If you could have any other breed what would it be?

‘I already have it. The Akita with whom I have lived with for 39 years.’

How many litters do you have each year?

‘This all depends on the number of suitable prospective owners. Usually I have one or two litters a year.’

Any other achievements you would like us to share?

‘I have always endeavoured to breed healthy dogs with sound temperaments. I hip score and eye test all before breeding from them.

The first Beauceron I exhibited 1997 was Able Seaman with Overhill and he was the first Beauceron to be exhibited in the UK. This was at National working and pastoral breeds association, where he was first in any variety not separately classified limit dog class. After showing Able successfully I stepped back from showing but continued to breed. Many of the Beaucerons being shown today are descendants of our original imports.

In March 2015 I bred a litter which comprised of one puppy, a male, born on the day of the total Eclipse, the only name he could possibly have was Overhills Total Eclipse pet name (Clipper). Little did we know, that this dog would make history by becoming the first of the breed to gain a group placement at a general championship show. He has also won a pastoral group at an open show and was top winning Beauceron 2017 and 2018 including Best in show at The Beauceron club open show. I now have his half-sister who is just a baby and not yet shown. She is different to Clipper, as she is harlequin in colour and not the usual black and tan.’

Thank you to Meg for sharing her love and knowledge of this fabulous breed.

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