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Buddies Breeder – Lisa Holmes

We recently caught up with Buddies breeder, Lisa Holmes. We asked Lisa, who is based in Richmond, a few questions to find out more, about her and her breed of choice, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

How long have you been breeding for?

‘I have owned Pyrenean Mountain Dogs for about 26 years and had my first litter back in 1999.’

Why this breed?

‘A family friend used to breed Pyreneans and although yearning for a golden retriever all throughout my childhood, I always had Pyreneans in my mind. Little did I know we would end up where we are now.

What is the best thing about the breed?

‘They are faithful and loyal. If reared correctly they are great family dogs too.’

What is the worst thing about the breed?

‘They moult, they can drool, they leave big muddy footprints and they can be obstinate, cloth eared and wilful.  They need careful rearing and to know who the boss is.’

What is the best thing about being a breeder?

‘The best thing is been able to share the joy they bring. Watching a litter you have raised with love and pride going off to their new homes is an amazing feeling. I also love keeping in touch with the new owners, making new friends and getting updates on them.’

What is the worst thing about being a breeder?

‘The worst thing has to be letting them go. Even though we do our homework, not all homes turn out OK. The sleepless nights and the poo are tough too. It’s hard work rearing a litter correctly, and after my first litter I said never again……..’

How often do you have a litter?

‘We tend to have one litter every 18 months.’

If you could have any other breed, what would it be?

‘I would love a Pomeranian or a Gordon Setter.’

Tell us about your achievements with the breed…

‘I had the top puppy in 2017.  I also achieved top breeder in 2018 and have made up 2 champions this year.  Been in the breeder’s group at Crufts made me immensely proud. Some pups I bred have gone onto be ‘Pets as Therapy’ dogs. I’m proud of them all whether they be show dogs, family dogs or pat dogs, they all are a part of me and I’m very proud.’

A huge thank you to Lisa for sharing her love and knowledge of this fabulous breed.

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