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Ever wonder, why all of a sudden, your dog will bolt around the room faster than the speed of lightening, bouncing from the furniture like a crazy, deranged lunatic? Yeah, we did too. In this blog we find out what it means and if its ‘normal’ behaviour.

To many pet parents, these outbursts are commonly known as ‘Zoomies’, but they are also known as ‘Frenetic Random Activity Periods’ or ‘FRAPS’.

Zoomies are a completely normal release of pent up energy in pets which tend to last a few minutes at most.

Buddies Pet Insurance - ZoomiesWhile its not known exactly what triggers these periods, from watching our office dogs, we know that these usually occur when the dogs are overly excited or ‘egged on’.

Another reason zoomies may occur, is to relieve stress. If a dog has experienced something they are not fond of, such as a vet visit, extended period alone or even a bath, they may release this stress by zooming about.

After a bath, office dog Elvis will run laps of the house, jumping on any furniture low enough and then rubbing his face on the carpet.

While zoomies are completely natural and are not dangerous, obstacles located around the route of a zoomie can cause damage to both your dog and possessions.

Whilst often unpredictable, you can try and keep your pup safe by ensuring you do not over excite them unless you are in an large, enclosed space.

Do you have any videos of your dog enjoying some zoomies? We would love to see them. Share them in the comments section under this post over on our Facebook page.

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