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Waggy Tales – Kirstij & Luna

In this waggy tale we meet Kirstij and her 9-month old Blue and White Whippet, Luna.

Luna has been with Kirstij and her family since winter 2017. Luna joined the family as a therapy dog for one of Kirstij’s 3 daughters following a traumatic experience.

‘She was the last available puppy in the litter and we took to her straight away. She’s certainly been a handful since coming home. She’s lively, mischievous and just loves to run around and greet people.

At the beginning of the school summer holidays, we took Luna out for her usual evening walk and run-around in the field.

Unfortunately, she ran into my husband’s legs and managed to dislocate her front elbow. It was an awful sound and sight, her leg was at a 90-degree angle, so we knew something was very wrong. We carried her home and phoned our vet as it was out of hours.

When we arrived at the surgery, the vets were ready and waiting, and immediately diagnosed a dislocation. Unfortunately, their X-ray machine was not working and due to the nature of her injury we were immediately sent to the referral vets.’ Explains Kirstij.

The vet advised Kirstij and her family that Luna would most likely need an operation to hold her elbow in place. The vet also advised that the costs would be around £3,000 and that Luna would need to stay with the vets for at least 2 nights.

‘This came as quite a shock. Thankfully we had a Buddies insurance policy in place which covered £3,000 per condition. I phoned the Buddies team who were brilliant and explained everything.

I was concerned as we had already made a claim as Luna had to receive out of hours treatment when she decided to help herself to 6 chocolate cupcakes cooling on the side- paper cases and all! We sent off the claim and within a few weeks we had been repaid.’ Says Kirstij.

Luna’s recovery has been a little fraught as she had to have 4 weeks caged rest, and subsequent restricted exercise, which is very difficult for a lively whippet.

‘Luna can’t understand why she can’t zoom around the garden or jump up on the sofa for cuddles. She’s still receiving physiotherapy and her prognosis is good, but we are still very nervous about her ever being off the lead again.

Luna has become a very special member of our family, she has helped us all through a difficult time and our girls are besotted with her.’ Adds Kirstij.

A big thank you to Kirstij and her family for sharing little Luna’s story. We wish Luna a speedy recovery and send our best wishes to the entire family.

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