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Waggy Tales – Jen & Benji

In this Waggy Tale we meet Jen and her 1-year-old American Toy Fox Terrier Benji.

Little Benji bit off a bit more than he could chew when he was just 11 months old. He tried to swallow a nearly finished pizzle stick that was too big to pass through the sphincter of his oesophagus and into his stomach.

‘The first we knew of his problem was when he started retching and vomiting at 8.30pm on a Sunday night. It became quickly apparent that he couldn’t vomit up the chew and he was gasping and whining. He also started to collapse, and we were very concerned that he would choke and potentially die.’

‘Luckily, our vet has an out of hours service and we rang their emergency line, and rushed him in. That journey was the worst 7 minutes of our lives. Fortunately, our vet was very calm and reassuring that it wasn’t a life-threatening problem because he could breathe.’, said Jen.

Benji had to be given a couple of sedatives of increasing strength to relax his muscles and allow the chew to pass into the stomach, but feisty little Benji fought them and wouldn’t give in.

Benji’s belly had become completely rigid with the air he had been gulping in whilst distressed. The Vet asked Jen and her husband to leave Benji with him to have x-rays and a general anaesthetic. The vet was then able pass a tube down Benji’s throat and push the chew into his stomach where it could be safely digested.

‘We were very relieved indeed that this sorted the problem! We picked him up after an hour or so and he was delighted to see us – he wobbled across the waiting room and collapsed into the blanket we brought for him. After a good sleep and some soft food for a day or two (dosed with painkillers) he was back to his normal cheeky self. It took us a while longer to get over the adrenaline surge and he still hasn’t had another pizzle stick!’ adds Jen.

‘We were concerned about the vet bills a little, but honestly, we knew that we had insurance for just this kind of thing and were confident that Buddies would cover the costs. It was easy to claim once I looked up the form on the website, and I dropped it off with our vets the next day for them to fill in their bit and send it off. After a short wait, the money came through, just before the credit card bill did – nice timing!’ said Jen.

American Toy Fox Terriers are an imported breed, which are currently not recognised by the UK Kennel Club, which is in part why Jen came to Buddies – Benji’s breeder arranged puppy insurance and provided a Buddies One Month Free policy.

Benji is back to his normal self now – keen to chew whatever he is allowed and willing to bounce about growling at his big sister if she has what he wants.

Huge thank you to Jen and her family for sharing Benji’s story with us.

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