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Waggy Tales – Diane & Dougie

In this Waggy tale we meet Diane and her 14-month-old Field Spaniel, Dougie.

Dougie’s story started back in May when he suffered a slight nosebleed. Mum Diane didn’t think much of it, but 5 hours later, Dougie was still bleeding.

‘I decided to take him to the emergency veterinary hospital, we just got in the consulting room when he started to bleed profusely. The vet rushed in and put him on a drip and sedated him.’ Explains mum Diane.

Poor Dougie bled for 36 hours.

The vet’s performed CT scans and put a camera up his nose to search for the issue. It was during these tests that the Vet discovered Dougie had extensive tissue and cartilage damage. The vet thought that Dougie’s cartilage damage and bleeds could be caused by Aspergillosis which is a fungal infection.  Samples were taken, and Dougie was allowed home.

Once home, Dougie seemed to be doing well, however a week later, he suffered another bleed. Diane rushed Dougie back to the Vets where he had his head shaved and holes drilled into his sinuses to flush them out and fill with an antifungal treatment.

‘He came home 2 days later with a very swollen face and very sorry for himself. I slept on the settee with him for 2 nights and syringe fed him. He eventually started to pick up and after a few days.’

Waggy Tales - Diane & Dougie‘I went out for a couple of hours. When I got home, it looked like a scene from a horror movie. There was blood everywhere. I rushed him back to the vets. Dougie lay flat on his side and I thought I was losing him. The staff were wonderful and again rushed him off and saved him.’ Says Diane.

Little Dougie was just 16 months old when he went through this ordeal.

‘He came home the next day and to my surprise started to eat properly. He had always been a very poor eater and we think this condition was impinging on his sense of taste and smell. He is now doing well and got a 3rd in a championship dog show.’

Diane had a Buddies Premier Insurance policy in place for Dougie and says that this helped her during a very upsetting time.

Huge thankyou to Diane and her family for sharing Dougie’s story. The Buddies team are super glad to hear he is on the mend and successfully competing.

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Waggy Tales - Diane & Dougie

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