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Buddies Pet Insurance - Waggy Tale - Field Spaniel Jett

Waggy Tales – Dawn & Jett

In this Waggy Tale, we meet Dawn and her 20-month-old Field Spaniel, Jett.

Jett’s tale started when he was just 7 months old. Dawn was out at a party when she received a phone call from her daughter to say that Jett had been sick and wasn’t interested in playing, drinking or even eating treats.

‘We left the party early to find a normally bouncy manic spaniel sat shaking in the corner of the living room. We rushed him to our vets, where it was thought Jett may have eaten something he shouldn’t. He had an injection to bring his temperature down and to stop the sickness. We brought him home to monitor through the night. The vet said it was 50/50 that he’d be fine and whatever it was would pass or that we would need to return.’, explains Dawn.

Dawn and her family had a sleepless night waiting for to see if Jett recovered, unfortunately Jett’s condition deteriorated, so Dawn took him back to the vets the next morning.

‘He was admitted into the hospital upon arrival. Later in the afternoon after a scan, X-rays and blood tests, we were called by the vet to say Jett had deteriorated and we needed to get him to County Specialists in Ringwood as they suspected, but couldn’t be sure, that he had aspirated pneumonia.’ Adds Dawn.

Dawn and her family rushed Jett straight to the specialists where the pneumonia was confirmed, and he was admitted for 2 days on iv antibiotics and more tests.

‘Of course, at this time we had the comfort of knowing we had Buddies Premier cover. We were told we would be looking at about £1200-£1500 for his treatment and board.

‘When I phoned Buddies the people I spoke to were so kind and understanding and very helpful.  My claim was settled quite quickly, and the money was paid directly into my bank.’

‘Jett is amazing. He loves everyone and loves other dogs. He’s cuddly, mad, loving and so so gentle. He sat through blood tests licking all the vets. At the specialists they were all fighting over him.’ Says Dawn.

Jett is now fully recovered and back to his cheeky self. Huge thank you to Dawn and her family for sharing Jett’s story and lovely photos.

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