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Waggy Tales – Dani & Barney

In this waggy tale we meet Barney, the 2-year-old Standard Smooth Hair Dachshund.

Barney’s waggy tale begins on his second birthday.

‘He was given a load of toys for his birthday, one of which he had taken a particular shining to and was enjoying chewing it to bits (he loves killing toys). It was a fluffy flamingo toy.

The following day, I noticed he was mega sleepy in the morning and didn’t want his breakfast, so immediately alarm bells started ringing.

I called our vet and got him booked in straight away. Barney was whisked off for an X-ray; he was so lethargic & sleepy that he didn’t have any sedatives. The vet could see straight away there was a mass stuck in his intestine, so Barney was immediately taken to be operated on.

I went home proceeded to ‘ugly cry’ awaiting a call from the vets to let me know how the surgery went.’ Explains mum Dani.

A few hours later Dani received a call to say the surgery had gone well, and luckily, the vets didn’t have to cut into his small intestine. The vets advised that Barney should be able to wiggle it though into his stomach for him to pass naturally.

‘Barney’s intestine was extremely pale, and he was dehydrated and extremely sleepy. The Vets decided to have him stay with them over night on a drip to be monitored.

‘The following day I had a call to say that Barney was doing well and had been singing along with the nurses to the radio. He had completely stolen their hearts. He was not allowed to be discharged until he had passed the mystery item, so we just had to wait until he could come home.

A few hours later I decided visit Barney at the vets to take him out for a little stroll to try to get him to poop (he’s picky about where he poops). After a long walk, it was finally out.’ Explains Dani.

The vets cleaned up the mystery item and it turned out to be the eye from his Flamingo toy.

‘He’s doing really well now and glad he had a Buddies insurance policy to cover all the costs. Without Insurance, I would have been dipping into my tax bill (sorry tax man Barney comes first). I hardly had to do anything. I just gave the vets my insurance details and they dealt directly with the Buddies team.’ Says Dani.

We are super glad to hear that Barney is back to his incredibly well-behaved self. Little Barney has lots of friends across the world on his Instagram ‘@barneys_adventure’ ,  Give him a follow for updates and some adorable photos.

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