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Waggy Tales – Anja & Josey

In this Waggy Tale we meet Whippet puppy Josey and her owner Anja.

Little Josey had been with Anja and her family for just two days when she became ill. Josey was suffering with diarrhoea and sickness, so concerned mum Anja decided to take her to the local emergency Vet service.

As Josey was just 8 weeks old, the vets were concerned and agreed that the best course of action was to keep her overnight. Josey was given fluids intravenously and the vets carried out blood tests as well as tests for Parvo, which is a highly contagious viral illness.

‘The tests results didn’t show anything of concern and she had shown no further symptoms overnight. We brought Josey home the next evening, however the diarrhoea and sickness continued, and Josey was not eating as well as I would have liked.’, explains Anja.

Anja took Josey back to the emergency vet service as Josey had some black, watery diarrhoea. The vet carried out more blood tests, however the results stated that Josey’s condition had improved. The emergency vet released Josey, and suggested Anja contact her regular vet.

‘I called our registered vet who had the previous test results from the emergency vet. As Josey was still suffering with the same symptoms and was now lethargic and losing a lot of weight, the vet referred Josey to a specialist in Newmarket.’, adds Anja.

The specialists admitted Josey and immediately performed an ultrasound which confirmed that she was suffering from Intussusception, a condition where the intestine turns in on itself.

The specialists informed Anja that surgery was an urgent necessity. The surgery would save Josey’s life, but there was a possibility that Josey would suffer digestive problems for the rest of her life. Josey was operated on that evening.

‘We were concerned about the vet bills, especially as we only had a one-month free insurance policy in place from our breeder and thought the cover may be limited. I called the Buddies team whilst at the emergency vets one evening to find out more about the policy, and to check Josey would be covered for the tests and procedures.’

‘The team were really helpful and explained the cover in place. Buddies then dealt directly with the specialist moving forward. This meant less stress for me!’, says Anja.

Josey’s surgery went very well, and within a few days she was able to go home. Other than the scar running the length of her underbelly, Josey showed no signs of the ordeal she had been through, and thankfully there should be no long-term problems.

Little Josey has recovered well and is settling into family life with her older greyhound siblings.

Anja was so pleased with the Buddies team, that she signed up for a full policy for Josey.

A big thankyou to Anja and her family for sharing their story and lovely photos.

To find out more about Buddies pet insurance policies click here.

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