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Waggy Tales – Alison & Dora

In this Waggy Tale, we meet Alison and her 6-year-old cat Dora. Alison and Dora’s vet first noticed something wasn’t quite right when Dora visited for her regular booster injections.

‘She seemed tired and had recently lost weight, which I had put down to a visit to the local cattery over the Easter break. The vet was concerned at the level of weight loss and immediately recommended testing her for feline leukaemia and other scary conditions. We soon discovered that the problem was kidney failure.’ Says mum Alison.

As Dora was diagnosed during a Bank Holiday weekend, she was admitted to the local PDSA hospital straight away.

The staff at the hospital gave Dora fluids and tried to tempt her to eat, to try to build on what little strength she had.

‘Dora is not a big cat, and at her lowest point, her weight dropped from 3.25kg to 2.7kg. Whilst she was always quite bright and perky in herself, the veterinary staff gave me no false hope – her blood results were extremely worrying and showing no signs of improving.’

‘She stayed in the hospital for 3 nights with a drip and lots of medication until she could be discharged back to our local vet. This proved to be very expensive so the reassurance of having the Buddies Pet Insurance cover meant I had nothing to worry about on that front.’ Adds Alison.

For the 7 days following Dora’s discharge from the vet, Alison would have to take her back to the local surgery each day, where she was admitted in the morning for fluid and other treatments and discharged the same evening to enable her to stay at home each night.

It was following these daily visits, that the vet recommended an MRI scan as they had been unable to determine the cause of Dora’s kidney failure. A specialist at the surgery suggested that the kidney failure may have been caused by a bladder infection and an eight-week course of anti-biotics was started. 

‘None of this was cheap but I was able to give the go-ahead for it all knowing that the cost would be covered. Both the PDSA and the local surgery dealt directly with Buddies on my behalf, and once I had filled in a few basic details, they submitted the claims on my behalf.’

‘Dora has been a frequent visitor to the local vets, having to return for her fortnightly antibiotic jabs and also vitamins to encourage her appetite. She is always resistant to a trip in her cat-carrier so there have been a number of cancelled and rearranged appointments, but she is well known there now, and the veterinary staff are very understanding and always pleased to see her.’

‘We are not out of the woods because Dora will always have CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), but she is eating lots, putting on weight (up to 2.9kg now) and just as she did before she was ill, she is ruling the household, where we have two other younger male cats – Bog & Tai (who have also had accidents for which we have had to make a Buddies claim!) and we all know who is boss. She requires feeding on demand and the boys have to stand and wait until she’s finished, and they then can nip in for leftovers.’ Says Alison.

The Buddies team are super glad to hear Dora is doing well. Thank you to Alison and her family for sharing Dora’s story and photos.

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