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Waggy Tales - Shaun & Teddy

Waggy Tale – Shaun & Teddy

In this Waggy Tale we meet Shaun and his 19-month-old Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel cross Poodle) Teddy.

‘Teddy was one of five in his litter, and during our visit to the breeder (myself and my youngest daughter, Phoebe), he actually chose us, not the other way around.’

‘In fact, looking at the photos of the litter in the Internet, I had said I didn’t like the two with the single black eye patch, this was Teddy and one of his sisters. However, during the hour or so, he was the one that kept coming back to us, bringing toys and wanting attention and fuss and he seemed to have such a great character, we just had to take him home.’ Says Shaun.

It was during one of the initial routine visits to the vets to get Teddy checked and to have some of his first injections that Teddy was initially diagnosed with Luxating Patella (his rear knee joints were both prone to popping out).

As Teddy was so young and growing, it was recommended that Shaun and his family monitor the situation and have regular vet checks in the hope that he would develop normally and not require any surgery.

‘He was checked at 3 months and there was little or no change. He was checked again at 6 months, at which time his right knee seemed to be okay, but his left one had little or no change, so surgery was now being talked about, but this was deferred until he was 9 months, just to see if it righted itself while he was still growing.’ Explains Shaun.

Sadly, at Teddy’s 9-month check-up, there was no change, so surgery was arranged as soon as the surgeon was next available.

Surgery went well, and when Teddy came home, Shaun and his family were given a programme of exercises and physio to perform each day at home until his professional physiotherapy and hydrotherapy started.

‘A week or so before his first physio appointment, Teddy became distressed during our regular massage sessions at home, to the point where he was obviously in pain and snapping and trying to bite.’

‘A call to the vet was made and an appointment to see the surgeon. The surgeon did numerous tests which confirmed that his cruciate ligament was bust (on his left leg again). He said the only course of action was to operate. Physio was postponed, and Teddy went in for the second operation.’ Adds Shaun.

Teddy’s operation went well, but Shaun and his family had to start the recovery process again. This time round, Teddy was out under much stricter crate rest and limited to short lead walks in the garden.

‘He progressed really well to begin with, gaining a good amount of muscle mass and even to the point where he could go out on short, slow walks, building up to 30 to 40 minutes walking, but only on the lead (no chasing his ball just yet). But then he hit a plateau and just wasn’t going any further with his recovery, his knee seemed to pop and click, so the vets had him in for a day to run tests, do some x-rays for the surgeon James to look at.’

Waggy Tales - Shaun & TeddyIt was then found that the original surgery, whilst helping, had not cured the problem fully and Teddy was not going to get any better without yet more surgery. This time a metal knee cap, with a deeper groove was to be fitted, the bones will grow over it in time and although he will always have a bit of a wonky leg, the knee should stay where it should.

‘This was a few weeks before Easter, so we decided to defer the operation until a couple of days before Easter, when we would be able to spend time at home with Teddy and also to give him a few weeks of being a puppy again. Chance to play with all the other similar aged dogs in the village, chase the birds (he’s never even got close) and play ball. All of which he had not done since the previous June.’ ‘Says Shaun.

Teddy has just had his 6-week post-op check.

He’s doing well and doesn’t have to see the vet for another 6 weeks, when hopefully he’ll be finally ‘signed off’.

‘I don’t know what we would have done without pet insurance. I don’t even want to think about it to be honest. Buddies have been fantastic. They dealt directly with the vets saving us a lot of stress and hassle.’ Says Shaun.

‘Teddy has obviously been through so much for a dog so young, but he’s adorable, such a loving little puppy, if a little needy at times, but I guess that’s to be expected, he’s been through a lot. He goes absolutely crazy when he meets anybody on his walks, doesn’t matter if a they have 2 legs or 4 legs. The next step is to restart puppy classes to re-establish a little discipline and we are counting off the weeks until he goes off on his first holiday in August (with the family) on the edge of The Snowdonia National Park.’

Thank you to Shaun and his family for sharing adorable Teddy’s story. We wish him a speedy recovery and send him lots of tummy rubs!

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