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Waggy Tale – June & Daisy

In this Waggy Tale we meet June and Yorkshire Terrier Daisy.

In 2016, around two years after June lost her 15-year-old Yorkie, she decided it was time to welcome another Yorkshire Terrier into her home. June scoured the internet and researched breeders and litters throughout the UK. She eventually found a beautiful 6-month-old puppy named Daisy.

June visited the breeder to meet little Daisy and fell in love at first cuddle. June paid a deposit that day and made plans to collect Daisy at a later date.

When June brought little Daisy home, she weighed just 4lbs. although very tiny, June presumed Daisy would soon gain weight and get a little bigger. A few weeks later, June dropped Daisy back to the breeders, as she had arranged to care for Daisy during a pre-booked holiday.

‘On our return from holiday we picked Daisy up from the breeder, who said been fine but needed to put on weight. The breeder explained that she fed her raw mince to try and help the weight gain, and we should do the same. (We tried every food going wet and dry, but she was a fussy eater).’

‘After bringing her home that afternoon in September we got out of the car and Daisy was behaving strangely. She was wobbly on her feet and fell down a couple of steps. I contacted the breeder and who said that it could be low blood sugar, so I gave Daisy honey. After a while she seemed to pick up. At this stage she was roughly 14 months old. After that she was fine for a while. But still not eating well and only weighed barely 5lb.  As time went on she had a couple more of these episodes took her to the vet who said this may be caused by low blood sugar.’, explains June.

Around a year later, Daisy went off her food, so June decided to feed her raw mince. Daisy ate the mince, however the next morning Daisy was unable to walk or stand. June rushed her to the Vet, who after numerous tests diagnosed Daisy with a Portosystemic Liver Shunt which is a congenital birth defect. This causes blood to bypass the liver.

Daisy’s condition became progressively worse and the vet suggested euthanasia. For June, this was not an option. After chatting with her breeder, it was recommended that June and Daisy visit a specialist in Cambridge. Daisy spent some time at Dick Whites Referrals and after showing signs of improvement was eventually able to come home in time for Christmas.

‘The bill’s for Daisie’s care for both vets were huge and never had that sort of money available. I only worked part time due to a serious spinal injury. But luckily, I had pet insurance with Buddies. After finding out the total cost I filled in a very simple form handed it to the vets. It was such a relief after worrying not just about Daisy but the financial problems I would face.’, says June.

Daisy is now on a low protein diet and June continues to monitor her.

‘I’m determined to give my best friend the best future I can. Thank you Buddies for your help and making it so easy for us at such an emotional time.’, adds June.

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