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Buddies Waggy Tales - Claire & Lucky

Waggy Tale – Claire & Lucky

In this Waggy Tale we meet Claire and her 21-week-old Cocker Spaniel puppy Lucky.

Lucky’s story started when she was just 10 weeks old and was suffering with an awful cough that she just could not shift. Claire took Lucky to the vets and little Lucky was given a course of antibiotics.

‘At 13 weeks Lucky was being looked after one Saturday by my parents as I was at work. When I got home she had been sick and was struggling to breathe.’

‘I rushed her to the emergency vets, where she stayed for 3 nights. I then ended up transporting her to the ‘Animal Trust’ in Newmarket for extra care and a further 3-night stay.’ Explains Claire.

The ‘Animal Trust’ carried out lots of tests and little Lucky was eventually diagnosed with Bronchial Pneumonia. She was treated with a course of intravenous antibiotics during her stay followed with a further course of tablets.

‘It was very unsettling and upsetting for my family as she was the new baby to the family.’

Buddies Waggy Tales - Claire & Lucky‘At the time, I didn’t think about money and the bills because I was so concerned about Lucky. To be honest I couldn’t believe how easy it was to claim! Absolutely amazing. Buddies dealt directly with ‘Animal Trust’ so I didn’t even have to fill in any paperwork. It was great to have everything done for me as it was such a stressful and upsetting time.’ Adds Claire.

Lucky is now 21 weeks old and has just received her first injection again as she has been so poorly. So, she’s still not had her first walk yet!

‘Lucky is a very cheeky puppy and loves to dig holes. She’s also a very good footballer.’ Says Claire.

Mum Claire is a Firefighter, and will often take Lucky to the fire station as a little treat as she loves meeting people and sniffing about.

We are glad Lucky is now on the mend and will soon be able to experience her very first walk. Thank you to Claire for sharing their story.

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Buddies Waggy Tales - Claire & LuckyBuddies Waggy Tales - Claire & LuckyBuddies Waggy Tales - Claire & Lucky

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