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Throwback Thursday – Solly

Meet Solly! The star of this week’s throwback Thursday.

10-year-old Lurcher Solly has been a member of the Wilson family since he was just 8 weeks old.

When the Wilsons brought Solly home, he was actually named ‘Keith’, but was soon renamed Solomon, Solly for short.

Solly is an ‘Exmoor Lurcher’ and is originally from North Devon. The breeder told the Wilsons that Solly was ‘the big one’ of the litter. The family expected Solly to be the size of a whippet, however he just kept growing!

Solly loves to snooze and can often be found laying in sunny spots around the house or garden.

‘Like a greyhound he has now ‘retired’ and is getting up later and later in the mornings, if we are not there he may not even get out of bed at all. He doesn’t like walks, but adores frisbee’, say the Wilsons.

‘You know if he likes you because he stands next to you and leans on you.’ Add the Wilsons.

We are always on the lookout for #FriendsOfBuddies to feature in our posts. If you have a dog or cat, and would like to share their throwback photos, please email Becks @ Hello@Buddies.co.uk.


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