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Throwback Thursday – Skylar

Meet Skylar, the star of this week’s throwback Thursday.

Buddies - Throwback Thursday - Skylar6-year old King Charles Spaniel Skylar, belongs to Buddies Breeder Caroline. Skylar was bred by Caroline, so she has been a member of the family since birth.

‘She is known as the Queen, she never does anything wrong. Goes out on the farm with the other dogs who come back filthy, she comes back pristine. I wish she would share how she manages it with me.’ Says Caroline.

Little Skylar has had a super successful show career and is currently the breed record holding female, breaking the show CC record held for nearly 40 years. She was also shortlisted to the final 8 in the Toy group at Crufts.

For those who aren’t familiar with the dog show world, a CC is a ‘Challenge Certificate’ which are awarded during championship dog shows. These shows take place throughout the country each year. It is at these shows, that you can earn a place at Crufts.

‘She currently has 38 CC’s, I plan to semi retire her at 40, but it is difficult as she adores going to the shows.’ Adds Caroline.

We are always on the lookout for #FriendsOfBuddies to feature in our posts. If you have a dog or cat, and would like to share their throwback photos, please email Becks @ Hello@Buddies.co.uk.


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