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Throwback Thursday – Henry

Meet Henry, the star of this week’s throwback Thursday. 3-year-old Border Collie cross Kelpie joined his forever family aged just 8 weeks old.

‘Henry is a much loved ‘little accident’ between two working sheepdogs. He quickly stole everyone’s hearts, although his canine brothers probably wished that the spotty little monkey could go back where he came from.’ Says mum Jo.

‘At home Henry was a dream puppy – not phased by anything, equally happy to settle by himself or to train and play with us.

Outside of the house it was a different matter – the world was such an exciting place, he screamed with excitement, just couldn’t take his eyes off anything that moved, and if we even got eye contact for a moment that was a major break though

Buddies Pet Insurance - Throwback Thursday - HenryIt’s been a real journey together to get to where he is today – the Collie eye is still strong, but he has a focus and work ethic I didn’t dare dream of when he was small. We may have had our struggles on the way but have had a fantastic time learning together and overcoming various challenges as well as making lots of. ‘Adds mum Jo.

The Buddies team can’t get enough of this handsome cheeky chap.

We are always on the hunt for #FriendsOfBuddies to feature in our #ThrowbackThursday blogs. If you would like to take part, email Hello@Buddies.co.uk.

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